3 must-have speciality cookware for every Indian kitchen

They are multi-purpose; they will save time, gas and effort; they will add depth to your cooking and style to your kitchen! They, truly, are a must-have for every kitchen. We are talking about speciality cookware items that are distinct from your normal cooking vessels in terms of design and purpose. These items are generally made for a specialised type of cooking! We bring to you three best speciality cookware items that are special owing to their design and versatility.

Bring home these cookware during Diwali and enjoy years and years of wholesome and delectable cooking.


1. Meyer 3-In-1 Multi Steamer

Here’s a highly-versatile stepped based cookware with three detachable components that can be used separately as well as together. This cookware allows you to use multiple cooking techniques from steaming and sauteing to boiling! If you want to start eating clean and healthy, then this steamer is perfect for you as it allows you to maximise flavor and nutrient retention.

What can you cook? Ask what not?!

From the delicacies of North India like modak and momos to the traditional treats of  south India like idiyappam, puttu kolukattai etc, the steamer plate is well designed to prepare a wide range of delicacies.


2. Meyer Stainless Steel 3Pc Casserole Set

Comfort food, comfortable to cook and classy to look; perhaps there’s no foodie or food connoisseur who is immune to the lure and love of a casserole recipe. Unbelievably easy to prepare, absolutely delicious, this is your scrumptiously savoury saviour that will come to your rescue when you want to cook in batches and bulk, or simply want to utilise your leftovers!
And here’s the perfect Casserole Biryani Pot set that will help you whip out all those yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner with great ease. The set comes with three stackable pots of three different sizes. These three pots can be neatly stacked together, allowing you to keep your kitchen organized and saving cabinet space.

Update your kitchen with this cookware and cook everything- from broth to biryanis- that your heart desires!!


3. Meyer Non-Stick 30cm Divided Grillpan/Twin Pan/Breakfast Pan/Multi-Snack Pan

Minimize effort and gas consumption with a cookware that works as a fry pan as well as a grill pan! This cookware, which will help your food not only taste good but also look good, is your perfect ally for all those festival parties. After all, the awesome flavours and presentations will only uplift the fervour of those parties. Cook crispy chillas and delish rolls on the flat surface whereas the grilled section can be used for grilling sandwiches, pattis, tikkis, cheese, paneer and so on.

Purchase this pan and reap double benefit; save time and energy and rustle up two different dishes at the same time in one pan!

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