5 Recipes Rich In Iron

Give your family a power-packed meal with these healthy, nutritious recipes rich in iron. These recipes are quick to make and will definitely help you start your day in an energy-packed way by topping up on iron.

These recipes rich in iron are perfect for your children so that they can stay healthy and avoid health issues like iron deficiency that can cause fatigue and lowered immunity.

Get ready to cook up the healthiest dishes and keep your family in fabulous shape!


Spinach Cigars Recipe Rich In Iron

A suitable recipe rich in iron for any time of the day be it breakfast or as a cocktail snack with the creaminess of cheese and earthiness of peanuts.

Check out the full recipe here

Rich In Iron Lentil And Spinach Pasta Recipe

A people pleaser dish with a no butter no cream twist and replacing that with the wellness of spinach and lentils without compromising on the taste. An amazing recipe that is rich in iron that does not compromise on taste.

Check out the full recipe here

Green Pea And Mint Steak Recipe Rich In Iron

A quick recipe that is rich in iron for snacking on the go that is healthy, light and fresh. Peas, like you, have never had before.

Check out the full recipe here

Chicken And Broccoli Stirfry Recipe Rich In Iron

This is a classic oriental recipe rich in iron with a slight tweak to make it everyone’s favourite. A simple recipe that easily is rustled up in 10 minutes and includes just a quick stir fry!

Check out the full recipe here

Broccoli And Spinach Soup Recipe Rich In Iron

A vibrant green, hearty and warm winter soup recipe rich in iron that is perfectly suited for a cold evening. Perfect as a meal replacement for people on a low carb diet.

Check out the full recipe here

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