Top Healthy Cookware in India: How to choose non-toxic kitchenware

Our health depends on the quality of our food and our food depends on the quality of our cookware. This Diwali, when you purchase a new set of cookware for your kitchen, ensure that above all they are safe, durable and 100% comfortable. Thus, plan well and invest in cookware that will be your company in cooking delicious, toxin-free treats not only during Diwali but for a long time to come. We have listed a range of the safest and the sturdiest cookware materials that we believe will make your cooking experience smooth and seamless.


Aluminium/Anodized Aluminium:

Aluminium is the most widespread metal found in the earth. It’s widely used to make cooking utensils as its high reactivity leads to formation of aluminium oxide when it reacts with oxygen. The aluminum oxide prevents it from further corrosion as it acts as a protective layer. Moreover, owing to its excellent thermal conductivity, affordability and light-weight, aluminium cookware forms the bulk of most kitchens.


Here are some of our Chef recommended aluminium-based cookware that you can bring home this Diwali or use as Diwali gift items


Stainless Steel: The most competent substance for making cookware is stainless steel. It’s non-reactive, highly durable and inexpensive for all models of cookware. A mix of various metals like chromium, nickel, manganese, aluminium, silicon, and sulphur; the combination of which decides if it's food grade or not. Cooking wet sauces, especially tomato, citrus or acid-based ones will cause nickel to seep into your food. However, Pots and Pans offers you 100% nickel free stainless steel cookware range with zero chemical coating. You can easily opt for the safest ranges from Meyer in the form of SELECT and TRIVANTAGE


Cast Iron: Legend of our grandmother’s kitchen, cast iron has shared memories of childhood with all of us.  Durable, inexpensive, naturally non-stick if properly seasoned, distributes heat evenly and retains heat well, imparts iron to foods (an added benefit for some), great for long, low simmering and browning. Their ability to stay really hot makes them ideal for searing meats, vegetables, paneer, tofu and cooking quick stir-fries. In short, with little care cast iron will last you a lifetime.

Explore the best Cast Iron range for your everyday cooking here 


Ceramic coated: A gift of technology to humanity, ceramic-coated cookware is the ideal solution for someone who wants to use toxin-free, eco-friendly cookware. Easy to clean, wash and dry, perfect to cook amazing dishes without a drop of oil, scratch resistant and even heat distribution makes it the most versatile material in the kitchen. Totally non-reactive to any kind of food, it can be used to prepare all types of savoury, saucy and healthy dishes with almost no oil.

This Diwali, say hello to good health by investing in Meyer’s innovative Ceramic range cookware that is made from 100% natural materials

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