Best tools to help you lose weight in 2022

Weight loss- a topic that most of us mull over most of the time. It’s a dream, goal and objective that we try to strive for with determination, diet, exercise and all kinds of intricate planning. While many achieve their desired number, many also tumble while exercising towards their goal.
If you are also planning to start the new year 2022 with the same old resolution of losing weight, we are here to help you with some do-able tricks and tools.


Tip & Tool 1:

Switch to Non-Stick Cookware

We generally tend to add oil to prevent food from sticking to the surface of a pan while cooking. However, consumption of excess fat inadvertently will cause weight gain as oil tends to be a high calorie product. One way to eliminate the use of oil is by using non-stick cookware that offers stick resistance surface. Therefore, this new year, use non-stick pots and pans that help you avoid the use of fat altogether during cooking.

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Tip & Tool 2:

Administer the oil usage with oil spray!

Oil is made almost entirely of fats, this means that 1 tbsp. of oil has 100 kcal. However, this is the maximum quantity of calories you should take in a single meal. Therefore, you should be mindful of the amount of oil you are using while cooking.

This New Year, get over pouring a big glop of oil and over oiling your food, instead get a fine layer of oil over your food with the help of Oil Mister! This is an easy option to control and monitor the amount of oil you use in your food; less oil, better health!

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Tip & Tool 3:

Recipes for calorie deficit

The key to weight loss is calorie deficit, which means you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, eat fewer and burn more calories by being active. Over the time this calorie deprivation will lead to weight loss.

We have a list of delicious low-calorie meals to nourish your body and satiate your soul. These are healthy and easy to prepare meals that you can cook quickly and savour with utmost delight without going astray from your fitness goal.

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P.S. Don’t forget to add regular exercise to your daily routine and be consistent with your efforts.

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