Get ready for baked goodness!

As a child, I remember one of my friends flaunting sumptuous and sundry baked goodies in the class. Though a mediocre in all aspects, her stature was surged up due to her finger-licking delights. Influenced by her, I insisted (read traumatized) my mother to bring home an oven. I thought oven will be the solution to all my problems (which I have realized now is partly true). I daydreamed about producing show-stoppers muffins, cookies and pastries from my tiffin and climbing the ladder of class success and popularity. But my mom wrecked my dreams like only she could. Her baking talent was limited and so were our bakeware products. No matter how hard she tried, everything that came out of her oven looked and tasted the same. She clearly lacked imagination and I used to sulk for days and weeks for her inability. (I have apologized for this churlish and childish behavior many times now) But soon, as it was bound to happen, I grew out of this utterly disgraceful phase. Luckily, my focus shifted to the more accepted set of behavior. Until now, when I stumbled upon a rather happy news of sort!

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