How to avoid gaining weight during Lockdown 2021

Stay home, eat well and wait for the coronavirus to get over without gaining any extra weight!

You are confined to your home, dissipated from your friends, divulged from your daily routine; the TV that you turn into only showcases the dire situation around us. The COVID 19 pandemic has taken a toll, and what do you do?? More often than not, we rely as well as take comfort in FOOD because let’s face it, we use food to cope with almost everything- be that happy celebrations or downright depressing time. No wonder, many of us end up overeating and gaining extra weight that is certainly no where in our agenda. So, what do we do? How do we avoid the food trap?


Here are some proven and practiced tips of staying fit (not getting fat) as you wait in your home for this pandemic to get over.


1. Soothe your Senses

When the mood meter falls down, you want to pick up the next calorie laden food to perk up. Stop. Don’t do that. Instead, find other ways to soothe your senses. Take a warm bath, sip hot tea or simply read a happy book.


2. Tune in to your Hunger

So, next time you feel hungry, don’t just jump into your plate of precious bites; instead, gulp a glass of water (slowly), wait and then ask yourself if you are really hungry. If the answer is still in affirmative then go on, eat on but mind your portion.


3. Limit Distraction:

It’s not only when you work that you need to focus, but also when you eat. When you don’t pay enough attention to what you are eating, you often tend to overeat. Thus, turn off your TV, tablets, mobile and EAT without distraction.


4. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly will give your brain more time to realize that the stomach is full and signal it to stop eating. Therefore, chew, chew and chew your food and don’t hurry to polish off your plate.


5. Eat Regularly

Don’t skip any meals. You might think that you are depriving your body of  unwanted calorie, but actually, you are setting a trap for overeating. So, instead, do yourself a favour and eat smaller but more frequent meals.


6. Stay Hydrated

Drink tons of water (2 litre in average) to stay hydrated and prevent overeating. People usually tend to eat even when they are thirsty. Thus, first quench your thirst. Here's a happy update: Water is totally calorie free.


7. Plan Ahead

Being unprepared when the wretched hunger pangs demand your attention can entice you to make poor food choices that can lead to overeating. Thus, stock your fridge with healthy snacks and home-cooked healthy meals that you can eat without guilt.


This is the time to boost our immunity and strength through healthy meals and regular workout/exercise.


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P.S. We pray to God to give us strength so that we can collectively fight this battle and come out of it stronger, without losing any of our loved ones.




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