Quick recipes to make your weekend delicious!

Tick tock tick tock…
Is the countdown for the weekend on? Is your mind more focused on the clock that shows the passage of the time rather than the files piling on your desk? Are you mulling over ideas about how will you spend this weekend rather than how will you give your next presentation?
Fret not, this is a universal Thursday feeling that resonates in every workplace!
But before you fix your Weekend plan, here’s bringing a list of supremely easy to cook and divinely delicious to devour recipes to inspire you to stay at home and create something special for you and your loved ones, this weekend!

Our Celebrity Chef, Varun Arora, has designed these dishes to help you conjure restaurant-like dishes in the comfort of your home!

1. Burnt Garlic And Pumpkin Vegan Spaghetti


Who doesn’t like spaghetti especially when it brims with the goodness of pumpkin? Pair it up with some sparkline wine and Friday date is done!
Recipe is listed here - here

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