Welcoming Weekend on a Delicious Note!

The best day of the week is here! It’s Friday, and we are all ready to give a pause to our chaotic week, busy schedules, bickerings, bland moods and embrace relaxation. Friday always carries with it a lavish dose of relaxation and sweet anticipation that instantly lightens and brightens our mood. Doesn’t it?

While we get ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend, we have made a line-up of all the delicious, decadent dishes that you can quickly rustle up, without much ado or preparation and enjoy this day like you ought to do.

So, here’s our favourite Friday fixes. Don’t forget to tell us which one you liked the best!

1. Potato Pancake

potato pancake

Now, this one takes only 10 minutes to cook and 10 minutes to prepare. And to top it off, it combines three of your favourites together- pancake, paratha and potato.
Get this recipe that can be prepared within 20 minutes here

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