BYOS - Allowing you to customise your own cookware set

Newly married couple Radhika and Shubash had just shifted to the capital of India, Delhi. They were baffled by the huge roads and labyrinth lanes; wide parks and congested neighbourhood! In the new city, where everything was strange to them, they were trying to build their home, establish a nest of familiarity. However, in the intricacies of finding more about the city and finding everything they needed for their home, they found comfort in one information- BYOS.

A piece of simple information that tackled the chore and woes of filling their kitchen. This is an option propounded by PotsAndPans, India's first-ever international culinary cookware store, wherein you can build your own set by choosing the cookware you actually require and like while also enjoying a great discount.

More often than not, every set is inbuilt with an array of cookware that might include something that you find useful and others that you might completely disregard. However, Pots and Pans gives you the chance of building your own set and including only the cookware that you actually need. All you have to do is visit their website, select a minimum of 3 cookware from their wide variety, enter the code and enjoy a whopping 10% discount! And the set will be delivered to your address within 7 days, without any hassle!

So, Radhika and Shubhas simply ordered their set of Kadai, Tawa, Frypan and Casserole in around 15 mins and spent the rest of the week purchasing the stuff that would make their house a home. The cookware set arrived in 2 days and they started cooking healthy fare that fueled their energy and helped them continue shopping!

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