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Apple Crumble Muffin

A winter classic, this delicious treat will certainly warm up your day! Served in the form of individual muffins, it features a sweet cookie base and a hearty stewed apple center.

Cinnamon and Coffee Cake

A very wintery cake keeping up with the holiday season theme with warm flavours of cinnamon and coffee.

Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies

Unlike regular cookies that are baked into a flat disk like shape, these cookies rise a little like a cake so they have the crispy crust of a cookie along with a soft cake-y centre. A definite hit with the...

Banana Bread

A typical comfort food recipe that is best had with a cup of coffee. Takes you right back to your childhood days.

Mustard Chicken Potato Cups

A quick breakfast recipe for people on the go. All of your breakfast staples baked into one wholesome muffin for the complete nutrition.

Cheesy Upma Muffins

A breakfast classic made into easy-to-consume muffins, also fit for a breakfast on the go. The ever famous breakfast gets a new avatar with this recipe.

Stuffed Hash Browns

A breakfast essential that is nothing like you have ever tried. Stuffed with veggies and cheese, this is a wholesome and filling breakfast treat.

Beetroot Rawa Dosa

When taste meets nutrition, an irresistible combination is conjured! Here’s adding a healthy twist to the age-old rava dosa and making it perfect for every meal and palate!

Broccoli and Cheddar Crepes

A healthy recipe camouflaged in the form of comfort food; perfect for all palates and age groups, including your little fussy eaters! Method 1. In a bowl, whisk together the refined flour, eggs, half of the milk and half cup...

Poha Croquettes

A simple croquette/cutlet recipe that again retains the age-old concept of Indian cutlets but gives it a slight twist by using flatten rice that renders a spongy and chewy texture.

Vegan Gluten Free Quinoa Pancakes

Here’s a healthy high-fibre vegan recipe that encompasses the traditionally used quinoa in an innovative style. This vegan gluten free pancakes are definitely perfect for every palate, every diet plan as well as every age group!

Sugar Glazed Donuts

A fast food classic that is rarely made at home due to the complex cooking methods associated with it. This recipe will change that scenario and will coax you to prepare these super soft and spongy donuts at your home! Method 1)...

Asian Vegetable Fritter

A very popular dish in the country of China which is like a savoury pancake and is a very good breakfast option considering the popularity of paranthas.

South Indian Egg Stew

A breakfast staple in the southern part of India consisting of hard boiled eggs tossed in a spicy tempering of mustard seeds and green chilli, finished with some coconut cream.

Potato Pancake

A Chinese version of the ever famous parantha. Make this recipe if you want to give the age-old breakfast food a quirky twist.

Pan Fried Instant Noodles

A twisted take on a product that is available in almost all the households and has been the exact same since ages, instant noodles.

Lentil And Coconut Pancakes

A power packed protein rich twist to the classic breakfast treat, pancakes. A savoury option with flavours of Indian lentils and coconut make a fit for the Indian palate. 

Veg Keema Kulcha Bake

A classic combination of a baked bread and minced meat (vegetarian in this case) that rings all the familiar bells of flavour. This vegetarian version is a brilliant way for you and our kids to get that daily protein requirement....

No Bread Egg Sandwich

A quirky little snack idea of a carb-free sandwich, fit for people who have a gluten allergy, or are just simply avoiding extra carbs like bread.

Creamy Mac and Greens

An American staple with a modern twist and a certain depth of flavours to make it a little bit healthy, if not completely.

Asian Stir Fried Poha

A classic Indian breakfast dish with an Asian twist with flavours of soy and sesame and freshness of bell peppers. 

Loaded Breakfast Crepes

A breakfast fit for the kings. Start your day off with these cheesy loaded crepes for a power packed start to your day.

Apple Pie Pockets

The classic apple pie in a way to make it more practical and easier to consume. The syrupy apple stuffing with the crispy bread makes the perfect breakfast treat.

Pumpkin Kheer

A “not so common” rendition of the classic rice kheer. Pumpkin, being a vegetable with a naturally sweet taste makes it an amazing fit for desserts.

Chocolate Dosa

Just a little eggless substitute to the ever famous chocolate pancakes with a bit of Indian twist.

Chilli Peanut Brittle

A classic sugar/candy snack that has found its way in every nationality with its own twist. This particular one has a spicy kick to counter the sweetness of the caramel.

Banana Churros

A Mexican delicacy with a crispy crunchy outer layer with a soft and chewy center flavoured with bananas. To an absolute power packed start to the day.

Lentil and Spinach Pasta

A people pleaser dish with a no butter no cream twist and replacing that with the wellness of spinach and lentils without compromising on the taste. 

Lentils & Spinach Rollups

A healthy twist to the childhood favourite with the goodness of spinach and lentils and the fun of oozy cheese. Read more..

Cinnamon Fruit Rollups

A cinnamon scented fruity breakfast dish with the nutrients and freshness of seasonal fruits and a sweet glaze. Read more..

Banana Maple French Toast

A sweet fruity twist to the global breakfast staple scented with cinnamon sugar for the sweet tooth satisfaction. Read more..
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