Lehsuni Palak Naan Bombs

The traditional naan in a never tried format! A perfect party-starter, this easy, hearty meal has everything that you love (e.g. cheese) and everything you should love (e.g. spinach).

Kit Kat, Chia Seeds and Salted Caramel Cake

A fun little way to colour the cakes naturally using turmeric with a hidden kit Kat surprise and topped with home made salted caramel.

Shepherd’s Pie

A British classic fit for a full meal. Traditionally made with red meat, it's a layered pie of meat and potatoes which is baked, sliced and served.

Beetroot And Custard Cake

Bright red coloured cake with a gooey custard centre and the best thing being, it is made without the use of artificial colour.

Cheesy Upma Muffins

A breakfast classic made into easy-to-consume muffins, also fit for a breakfast on the go. The ever famous breakfast gets a new avatar with this recipe.

Strawberry And White Chocolate Cookies

A fudgy and gooey cookie recipe but instead of the regular chocolate and all, its flavoured with a strawberry jam and white chocolate.

Cardamom And Orange Upside Down Cake

A very nostalgic cake with the golden caramel and orange slices. Bring a little bit of fun back to your tea time cakes.

Pickled Nachos With Tempered Coconut Salsa

A healthier, baked take on the classic snack dish, nachos. Loaded with Indian flavours and served with a tangy coconut salsa.

Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies

Unlike regular cookies that are baked into a flat disk like shape, these cookies rise a little like a cake so they have the crispy crust of a cookie along with a soft cake-y centre. A definite hit with the...

Acai Berry And Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

A classic cinnamon roll recipe with an innovative berry twist and a vibrant purple colour.

Banana Bread

A typical comfort food recipe that is best had with a cup of coffee. Takes you right back to your childhood days.

Pav Bhaji Lasagna

Indian food is highly flavourful and complex but the complaint many people have with it is that it leaves their hands dirty and many people don’t prefer that. This recipe eliminates that problem by baking the classic pav bhaji into...

Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

A bread recipe that is not only extraordinarily tasty but also easy to consume and share without having the need to cut slices.

Masala Tea Bread And Butter Pudding

Possibly the easiest dessert out there made from using the simplest of ingredients.

Veggie Pizza Cups

A time-saving twist to a global favourite making it easy to serve and packed with the goodness of veggies. Read more..

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