Green Chilli Pickle

A fresh homemade preparation of the generally store brought commodity. A zingy pickle with flavours of mustard and sharpness of green chilli, perfect to fire up any meal!

Faux gras

Foie gras or goose liver is a well-known delicacy for its texture, mouthfeel and rich flavour. This recipe is a vegetarian rendition of that classic gourmet ingredient. Though the taste is different, the texture and the appearance makes it look like...

Jamun And Lemongrass Chutney

Quintessentially summery, with the freshness of lemon grass and the tartness of jamun, all embraced in a gorgeous violet colour.

Chilli And Banana Jam

A staple in the African/Caribbean region that is perfect for as a spread for your morning breakfast toast to elevate It to a whole new level.

Baba Ganoush

A Mediterranean must-have, made using aubergines and robust flavours of roasted garlic. An amazing dip to go along with your evening snacks.

Paprika And Olive Pâté

A hearty spread for your morning toast or a flavourful dip to your chips and crisps this a highly versatile dish that has a very unique and distinct flavour.

Garlic Pickle

An essential in every Indian household because store bought pickles are just not up to the mark and contrary to the myth, pickles are really easy to make at home.

Hummus Two Ways

A Mediterranean dip/spread made out of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Always a hit at game days.

Spiced Orange Marmalade

An English classic served with a mild spicy kick making it more exciting on the palate.

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