Cottage Cheese Cake

A cheesecake recipe made using the good old paneer or cottage cheese as opposed to the cream cheese, which is hard to find and also expensive. It is flavoured with fruit jam giving it a fruity flavour and a light...

Caramel and Custard Kheer

A variation on the classic rice kheer made with milk , sugar and rice with a few added touches making it super pretty . Method 1) Start by bringing the milk to a boil and add the soaked rice to the...

Pomegranate Laddoo

Bored with the usual Indian dessert and think that they lack depth because of their unidimensional sweet taste?! Then this is the recipe for you. The besan laddoo gets a fruity, tangy twist with a vibrant colour from the pomegranate....

Strawberry and Tender Coconut Danish Pastry

Freshly baked pastries are a winter classic and the best out of the lot are danish pastries with a crispy flaky crust and a fruit and custard filling, this particular one is made of strawberry jam and tender coconut flesh....

Blueberry and Rose Rasmalai

A typical festive treat enriched with the fruity flavours of blueberry and the sweet aroma of roses.

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta

The ultimate comfort food with a deep flavoured broth with the noodles and fresh vegetables. It's easy to make without even dirtying many utensils. Method 1) Start by grilling or roasting the red bell peppers, make sure they get really...

Sesame and Quinoa lettuce wraps

A vegan recipe that is not only plant-based but also super flavourful, therefore, perfect for every palate. A nice and light party snack that is super easy to make and super fancy to look! Method 1) In a Circulon Chef’s pan,...

Steamed Ginger Soy Fish

A no oil main course dish that is full of nutrients and flavour without consuming time or effort and can be cooked in a single utensil!

Moong Dal Halwa Trifle

A trifle made with Indian winter staple and is perfect for health conscious as it contains the brulee’d top, cooling rose and chia seed custard at the bottom.

Rice And Rose Rasgullas

An innovative way to use the leftover rice and presenting it in this rose flavoured classic dessert ready in under 20 mins.

Dark Chocolate And Orange Mousse

A super chocolatey sugar-free indulgent recipe that is an absolute winner if you’re trying to impress someone on the first date, considering how easy it is.

Warm Milk Seviyan

An Eid special dessert that is ready in minutes and perfect to finish off any meal on a warm note. It’s fragrant, comforting and above all highly enjoyable.

Rose And Dry Fruit Kachori

A sweet twist on the generally savoury treat, this kachori has a fragrance of rose and the robust flavours of various dry fruits.

Carrot Gnocchi With Cheese Fondue And Green Peas

A mélange of art and flavour combined beautifully to give you a dish that your taste-buds will remember for long! Though a little time consuming, this is a dish that every foodie or an aspirational chef should have in their...

Hand-Pulled Sesame Braised Noodles

Nothing compares to the taste and texture of fresh hand-made noodles. The rough edges and the inconsistencies add to the rustic feel of the dish. Try making it with your partner as a bonding exercise and you are sure to...

Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle

A dessert that is not only plant based but also uses only unprocessed foods. All plant and all natural.

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Bored with the usual pasta dishes with the red sauce and white sauce? Here's a recipe to take your pasta game to the next level.

Fresh Mango Custard

A summer time delight featuring the king of the fruit kingdom and pairing it with the richness of vanilla custard. A complete crowd pleaser.

Mango Crepe Cake

 A summer time delight featuring the king of the fruit kingdom and pairing it with the richness of vanilla custard. A complete crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Mug Cake

A recipe that takes you back to the comfort of your childhood, ready in under 5 minutes. 

Açai Berry And Coconut Pancake

A classic breakfast gets a super food twist.

Yorkshire Pudding

A British classic fit for light snacking with sweet or savoury fillings like jam or meat. Read more..

Daliya and Pine Nut Tikki

A healthy alternative to the age old aloo ki tikki, made without potato and all the heaviness.

Cauliflower and Green Pea Mornay

Indulge in the creaminess and cheesiness of classic Mornay sauce while relishing the freshness and earthiness of cauliflowers with green peas in this one-pot meal. Read More..

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