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Meyer 4 piece Vacuum Seal Air Tight Container Set (500ml + 1000ml Tall + 1000ml Wide + 2000ml))

₹ 8,900.00


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Why buy the Meyer Vacuum Seal Air Tight 4pcs Container Set?
  • Contents: This set contains 500ml + 1000ml Tall + 1000ml Wide + 2000ml vacuum containers.
  • Vacuum, not just airtight: We went one step better and removed all the air from your storage containers!! This not only removes the Oxygen, thus stopping the process of oxidation that breaks down food nutrition but also kills off any aerobic bacteria that may cause damage to the food and make it unfit for use.
  • Patented and easy to use: The in-built vacuum pump mechanism is patented, and manually operated easy to use. Just a few pushes to the pump and you are set!!
  • BPA Free and completely safe: Made from 100% food-grade, BPA free material which causes no harm to the food kept in it.
  • Hassle free: The Vacuum Containers from Meyer are really an exciting product. The vacuum pumping mechanism is so simple and effective that sensitive foods like Banana, cut apples and even dry green Coriander (dhaniya) remain fresh a lot longer than they used to earlier. They are worth making a part of the cookware accessories.

    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    BPA Free Plastic

    Product Dimensions
    Vacuum Container Tall(1000ml)
    Length: 10.6cm
    Width: 10.6cm
    Height: 18cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 0.406
    Capacity (Volume): 1L

    Vacuum Container Wide(1000ml)
    Length: 16.5cm
    Width: 10.6cm
    Height: 10.8cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 0.403
    Capacity (Volume): 1L

    Vacuum Container(500ml)
    Length: 10.6cm
    Width: 10.6cm
    Height: 12cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 0.319
    Capacity (Volume): 0.5L

    Vacuum Container(2000ml)
    Length: 16.5cm
    Width: 10.6cm
    Height: 19.8cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 0.536
    Capacity (Volume): 2L


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Meyer 4 piece Vacuum Seal Air Tight Container Set (500ml and 1000ml Tall and 1000ml Wide and 2000ml))

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    4N Vacuum Container, Use and Care Instructions


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A container with pumping system

Presenting a revolutionary container with an in-built vacuum pump mechanism. Simply push the pump a few times to remove excess air; press and rotate the knob to seal it! The absence of oxygen prevents the growth of mould or bacteria and keeps your food fresh for long. The container also keeps the moisture, juices, and flavour of the food intact.

Multipurpose & easy to use

The container is perfectly calibrated to fit common household staples like sugar, coffee, boxes of cereal, oatmeal, coffee, rice, pasta, spices, cooked meals, leftovers and more. The see-through container helps you to identify the content without opening the lid. It is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, making it highly versatile and easy to maintain.

Easy to open

The container opens as easily as it closes. All you have to do is press the small button next to the knob to release the vacuum. Then hold, twist and pull up the knob to open the lid. The process will ensure that your food remains fresh and perfect to use every time!

Meyer Vacuum airtight containers provide airtight sealing and a unique way to preserve food by removing oxygen and aerobic bacteria. This keeps stored food fresh, nutritious, and safe to eat. Vacuum airtight containers are easy to use and ensure safety, making them a dependable option for anyone who wants hassle-free freshness in the kitchen. Try Meyer's Vacuum airtight containers and enjoy the benefits of high-quality food storage.

Why should one buy Meyer 4 Piece Vacuum Airtight Container Set (500ml + 1000ml Tall + 1000ml Wide + 2000ml))

Revolutionary Vacuum Airtight Containers: A Comprehensive Vacuum airtight containers Set for Fresh Food Storage. The set of Vacuum airtight containers comes in four different sizes: 500ml, 1000ml Tall, 1000ml Wide, and 2000ml. This ensures that you have the right Vacuum airtight containers for different storage needs. Apart from airtight sealing, these Vacuum airtight containers take preservation to the next level by completely removing all air from the Vacuum airtight containers with their patented vacuum pump mechanism.

Vacuum Sealing Brings Benefits: Vacuum sealing helps to stop the oxygen in the Vacuum airtight containers which prevents the food's nutritious value from degrading due to oxidation. Vacuum airtight containers also eliminate harmful aerobic bacteria that may spoil the food and make it unsuitable for consumption. By using this innovative method, your food stays fresh in Vacuum airtight containers for an extended period, remains flavourful, and retains its nutritional properties.
The vacuum pump mechanism of Vacuum airtight containers is both effective and easy to use. Vacuum Airtight Containers’ patented design ensures simplicity, making it user-friendly. By pushing the Vacuum Airtight Container’s pump a few times, you can create a vacuum seal in the containers. This will increase the longevity of your stored food.

Our Vacuum airtight containers prioritize your health and safety by being made entirely from 100% food-grade material. Vacuum airtight containers are free from BPA (bisphenol A), meaning that harmful chemicals will not leach into your food. You can store and preserve your meals without any concerns inside Vacuum Airtight Containers. Keep in mind that safety comes first with our containers.
Meyer's Vacuum airtight containers are an innovative way to store food with added freshness and convenience. The efficient vacuum pumping mechanism of Vacuum airtight containers ensure that even delicate foods like bananas, cut apples, and dry green coriander (dhania) stay fresh for longer periods when compared to traditional storage methods. Experience hassle-free freshness with Meyer's Vacuum Airtight Containers. These containers can simplify your food preservation routine and help you get the most out of your fresh ingredients, making them a valuable addition to your cookware accessories.

How to maintain Meyer's Vacuum Airtight Containers?

Keeping your kitchen clean is vital for good cooking. To ensure proper food storage, only use clean and well-maintained food Vacuum Airtight Containers. This will help increase the lifespan of your Vacuum airtight containers and maintain their vacuum power. Regular maintenance is also essential to prevent Vacuum airtight containers from the build-up of dirt and germs.

To clean Vacuum Airtight Containers, follow these steps:
1. Pour dish soap into the Vacuum Airtight Containers.
2. Add warm water.
3. Put a few torn pieces of paper towel into Vacuum Airtight Containers.
4. Secure the lid of Vacuum airtight containers and shake the container vigorously for 45 seconds to a minute.
5. Rinse out the soapy water and wipe Vacuum airtight containers with a paper towel.

To get rid of a bad smell from Vacuum Airtight Containers:
1. Combine four tablespoons of baking soda with one litre of warm water to Vacuum Airtight Containers.
2. Leave aside the Vacuum airtight containers for 30 minutes, or until the odour is eliminated.
3. After that, rinse and dry the vacuum airtight containers.

To clean your food Vacuum airtight container’s lid and silicone gasket,
1. Start by using a slightly damp cloth to wipe the outside of the vacuum pump.
2. Then, open the cap and remove the silicone gasket attachment inside.
3. Rinse the silicone attachment with warm water and let it dry before putting it back into place.
4. Finally, close the cap to finish cleaning your vacuum airtight containers.