Meyer Bakemaster 3-Piece Bakeware Set - Mini Oven Roaster + 20cm/8" Pie Tin + 18cm Springform Cake Tin

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Why buy the Meyer Bakemaster 3-Piece Bakeware Set - Mini Oven Roaster + 20cm/8" Pie Tin + 18cm Springform Cake Tin?
  • This set contains Mini Oven Roaster, 20cm/8" Pie Tin and 18cm Springform Cake Tin
  • Revolutionary Honeycomb pattern base for exceptional non-stick performance: With this technology ensure better air flow and experience even baking and browning
  • Breakthrough technology for hassle-free and quick food release
  • Unbeatable thickness, sturdiness and performance
  • Unparalleled thicker rolled edges
  • Heavy-gauge cold roll Carbon Steel for exceptional heat conduction
  • No hot spots or uneven cooking, only hot and heavenly desserts
  • Freezer to oven safe: Perfect to create cold as well as hot savouries
  • Oven safe to 240 degree Celsius & Dishwasher safe
  • Care Tip: The bakeware surface is NOT metal utensil safe. Do not leave the bakeware submersed in water for longer duration after use. It is advisable to wash your bakeware with a soft sponge or cloth in order to avoid scratching of the surface and provide long-lasting durability.


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Revolutionary ‘Honeycomb’ texture: Increases the air flow at the base and renders perfect browning to your savouries; the avant-garde technology will make the food-release even better, hence, the food will glide from the pan to your plate with utmost ease.

100% safe coatings: The coatings are 100% PFOA free, lead-free and cadmium-free. Thus, its safety is proven and guaranteed.

Brand-new heavy gauge cold roll steel: Allows exceptional and uniform heat conduction along with an unbeatable durability rendering brilliant baking experience. Sturdy Steel Buckle on the side forms a tight seal around the detachable bottom to prevent any leakage while allowing you to remove and lift the baked cake easily.

Unparalleled thickness: The rolled edges accentuate the surface finish and hold tighter tolerances and also prevent from cuts or wounds caused due to otherwise sharp edges.

Freezer to oven safe: It is oven safe up to at least 240 degree Celsius; the bakeware will not release any toxins into the food even when exposed to high temperatures.

Dishwasher safe: Saves your time as you don’t have to individually hand wash each pan.

Mini oven roaster is perfect for daily roasting or baking. Roast chicken, vegetable or create puddings, cookies and so on.
Pie Tin helps you to bake tart shells, grilled sandwiches. It can also be used as a round baking tray for your daily baking requirement.
Springform cake tin is ideal to create classic round-shaped cake of any kind. You can even make your own 2, 3 or 4 tiered cakes by using all the available sizes and go professional at home easily.