Meyer Heavy Duty Ceramic Knife 15cm

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Why buy the Meyer Heavy Duty Ceramic Knife 15cm?
  • Just a little less harder than the hardest element and remarkably sharp: Ceramic being the hardest mineral after diamonds, is impossible to blunt. It has 10 times longer retention of sharpness of the blade as compared to a stainless-steel knife.
  • Chemically inert blade: The non-porous nature of Meyer Advanced Ceramic blade makes it impossible to absorb odor from food, keeping the taste pure. Now cut and store apples, salads, tomatoes, etc. without worrying for the taste being altered.
  • Rust-resistant: As the blade does not react with the acids in food, the blade virtually loses its tendency to rust and corrode.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean: The dense surface of the ceramic blade makes the clean-up extremely easy. A quick rinse in warm water will get your ceramic
  • knife a lot cleaner than a thorough scrubbing of a metal knife.
  • Lighter in weight than stainless-steel: Light weight reduces the strain on arms and fingers while cutting.
  • Perfect for details: Ceramic Knives are great to carry out delicate tasks. The acutely sharp edge produces wafer thin slices of fish, meat, fruits or veggies.
  • Meyer Advanced ceramic knife is very well balanced which gives a very sturdy and adept feel while cutting.


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Ceramic knives are 2nd to diamonds in terms of hardness, therefore the blades are extremely sharp and does not require sharpening as often as a stainless-steel blade does. In addition, it is much easier to clean a ceramic knife than a stainless-steel knife as it is very dense and non-porous. A quick rinse in warm water will make a ceramic knife much cleaner than a thorough scrubbing of a metal knife. Further, strong smells of fish, garlic, onion and etc. are easily washed away just with warm water.

Disclaimer: Ceramic knives are a hygienic way to go in today’s revolutionary kitchens majorly because of its non-reactive nature which keeps the flavor in your food authentic. But everything requires certain care to be taken of while using. Ceramic blades are brittle in nature, therefore tend to chip off or break if dropped accidentally, used on hard surface such as marble, used to cut fruits with seeds, frozen food or bones.

To prevent unwanted chipping and injury to yourself, it is advisable to store in its blade cover.