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Bakeware Book Combo Offer

Ready to embrace the magic of baking in your world? Get the perfect guide and companion in the form of our avant-garde baking recipe book by Celebrity Chef Varun Arora!
Buy 3 or more bakeware products & get the baking book for free!

Terms & Conditions:

1. You become eligible to get the baking book for free only when you add 3 or more bakeware items to your cart.

2. The book doesn’t add itself to your cart, you have to add it to the cart after you have added 3 or more bakeware items, and then the book will automatically become free. You will not have to pay for it. 

3. You can only claim 1 free book per order.

4. A bakeware set is counted as a single unit (even if it has 3 different items in it), therefore, a readymade set of 3 bakeware items will not make you eligible to avail this offer.

5. You will have to claim this offer as and when you are ordering your bakeware products. No book will be shipped later if you forget to avail the offer while placing the order of your bakeware items.