Pressure Cooker


Using Pressure Cooker, the right way.

The pressure cooker is a modern marvel that has revolutionized cooking. It can quickly prepare any food while retaining its essential nutrients, making it an invaluable kitchen tool for anyone looking to save time and effort in the kitchen! Not only is food prepared using steam and pressure cooking a healthier option than other methods, but it will also save you precious time, energy, and resources. However, using a pressure cooker necessitates certain techniques and knowledge. Due to the high steam pressure that cooks food, one must adhere to safety protocols or risk potential danger!

Ensure that you are buying the right piece

When buying or utilizing a pressure cooker, ensure that it is free of any cracks and dents. In addition, make sure to check if the whistle on the pressure cooker is still in working condition for optimal safety precautions.

Simple tips to keep in mind while using pressure cooker

Before you get started, be sure to thoroughly clean and empty your pressure cooker. 

Then measure the capacity of it before adding water.

Additionally, make sure to always be mindful of the quantity of water you're adding to your cooker because different dishes need varying amounts.

Filling at least two-thirds of the pressure cooker with an adequate amount of water will ensure there is ample room for steam build-up.

When you've reached the optimal level of water and ingredients, it's time to affix the regulator weight safely on top. Close off the lid after this step is completed, then place your pot onto a flame for its magic to begin! To use your pressure cooker securely, make certain the lid is thoroughly secured. Also, for it to work properly and safely, you must pour enough water into it so that sufficient steam can be created. Moreover, under no circumstances should you touch the area where steam gets released as this is how all that built-up steam will discharge!

​How to cook different dishes

Every culinary creation is unique, requiring different ingredients and time to cook. To make sure you have a delicious outcome every time, be sure to read the provided instructions thoroughly before you begin! Meyer Presta offer two levels of pressure setting, level 1 "|" for Soft Food and level 2 for "||" for food items that may take time to tender. When it comes to cooking dishes such as rice, vegetables, meat or fish, different amounts of water and cook times are necessary for each.

How to release the steam

When using the Meyer Presta, be sure to wait for the red indicator which will indicate when it is safe to open. As pressure builds to a certain level, this indicator will rise until food is being cooked and then settle down that when you can safely open the cooker. For traditional pressure cookers, make use of a steel-long spatula to slightly lift the whistle. This will help release built-up steam and after 10 minutes has passed you can open the lid without issue. You can easily reduce the temperature of your cooker by placing it in a sink and running cold water over it. This simple technique is an efficient way to cool down the interior quickly and safely.

This pressure cooker is packed with advanced technologies that allow you to cook whatever you like without sacrificing nutrition, moisture, or flavour. A pressure cooker works by expelling excess steam from the vessel, and using the same steam produced from the boiling liquid inside to tender food items. This raises the internal pressure and helps with high temperatures. Presta offers an ingenious solution to this problem while ensuring your 100% safety. Cook delightful meals quickly and easily with this cookware's innovative features, such as the safety valve, pressure indicator, pressure regulator with level one for soft food and level 2 for hard food types, and lock handles. These features prioritize your protection while allowing you to enjoy time-saving benefits!  

Regulator with dual setting:

Introducing Presta, a cooker that provides you with the ability to cook exactly as you desire. There are two settings available - Level 1 (gentle cooking) which is ideal for soft or light vegetables, seafood, rice, and pulses; With Presta, you can make cooking easier and faster than ever! Level 2 (speed cooking) prepares even the toughest dishes like root vegetables, legumes, unsoaked rajma, red meat quickly. Its unique feature allows for seamless switching between level 1 and level 2 depending on your needs. Now there really is no reason to spend hours in the kitchen

 Mark of safety

With Presta, you can rest assured knowing that you are using the first pressure cooker in India with a CE mark, an indicator of its strict adherence to health and safety standards. Furthermore, Presta has 6 International Safety Features built-in for maximum security when cooking under any circumstance! Enjoy a safe and secure culinary experience like never before with this revolutionary product.

 Opening & closing mechanism

Feel uneasy about not double-checking your cooker's lock? Don't be! Presta has Auto-Lock which guarantees that the lid is secure each time you close it and makes it effortless to reopen. Presta is equipped with a "Visual Pressure Indicator" that notifies you of the accumulating pressure by rising and descends when the pressure dissipates to ensure secure opening.

 No apprehension under any condition


For those of us concerned about the amount of liquid inside our cookers, you can rest assured that if it ever gets too hot and dries out, releasing intense pressure, Fusible Safety Plug will kick in to automatically melt away - safeguarding you.

If the pressure regulator fails to work a slit is built into the lid for emergency relief. When excessive steam builds up, it will press against the rubber bidding and force itself out through this opening; thus, keeping all in check even when something goes awry.


This cookware is designed for maximum efficiency and safety, with a fully encapsulated impact bonded base featuring an aluminium core inside and magnetic stainless-steel plate. The thicker bottom ensures uniform heat distribution across the entire surface to prevent hotspots while cooking - making it ideal for all types of cooktops. Unlike traditional cookware, this product will firmly stay connected to its base during heating and not separate or deform after extended use.

To keep your pressure cooker in top shape, it is essential to clean and inspect it frequently for any indications of cracks or damage such as loose parts. If you observe these signs, be sure to replace the rubber or silicon components with new ones. Check that all knobs, gaskets, and handles are secure too!

Thoroughly clean the internal components of your pressure regulator weight and vent pipe using a soft-bristled brush or specialized pipe cleaner. For newer models, disassemble the entire valve assembly prior to washing all parts with hot soapy water by hand; for drying purposes, use a fresh towel before putting it back together.

Periodically check that the handle and lid screws are secure, replacing them as needed. Adding a drop of oil to these screws will ensure they last longer!

After use, fill your pressure cooker with warm water and two to three drops of dishwashing liquid. Allow the contents to sit for a minimum of one hour before draining the soapy solution out. Scrub down your cooker using more dish liquid and then rinse it off with plain water. Let air-dry completely afterwards for best results!

To manage those pesky stains, fill half of your pressure cooker with water and add two tablespoons of vinegar. Allow the mixture to soak for several hours before gently scrubbing it down with dish soap until it's sparkling clean! For an alternative solution, mix baking soda and water to create a paste. Then, rest the mixture on any stained areas of your pressure cooker for several hours. For a truly spotless clean, utilize Vim Dishwash Gel - the perfect dishwashing liquid readily accessible on the market. Cleaning has never been simpler!