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Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml

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Why buy Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml?
  • 100% Safe: Container of BPA Free food grade material.
  • Not just a chopper, a wonder product:
  • Multi-functional product that allows you to do a lot more than just chopping in minimal time with minimal effort.
  • Includes: Accessories include: 1. Chopper: for chopping food items like tomatoes, onions, chillies etc. 2. Egg Whisker and separator: for whipping up smooth and fluffy batter for omelettes. 3. Comes with 5 different types of slicers: Slicing blade, Wavy slicer, 3-way Julienne slicer, Shredder, and Grater. 4. Juicer.
  • Superior Quality: The chopper comes with a finger guard to use while slicing or grating and also a storage lid that allows you to store food materials for later use.
  • Safe to use: All accessories are made from high quality toxin free, food grade material for healthy and excellent results.

    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    BPA Free Plastic

    Product Dimensions
    Length: 18cm
    Width: 17.5cm
    Height: 26cm
    Capacity (Volume): 1.7L
    Weight (Kilograms): 0.51


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    1N master chopper, Use and Care Instructions


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Here’s an all-in-one vegetable cutting tool that comes with chopper, egg separator, beater, spinner, juicer and storage to help you cut, slice, shred, grate, julienne and even store according to your preference! The different blades allow you to cut vegetables in different style, adding professional touch to your food prep. And the egg separator helps you seamlessly separate egg white and yolk while the beater is perfect to get the frothy egg white!

Safe to use

The chopper comes with a holder that protects your hands from accidental injuries. The chopper also has blade box and chopping blade protector which make it the safest kitchen tool to use. The blades and the body of the chopper is made of high-quality BPA free materials that enhance its durability.

Saves time & effort

The chopper helps you save time and effort by letting you chop a large quantity of vegetables in a short period of time. It also protects your eyes and hands from irritation or burns that certain raw vegetables may cause. It is a mess-free solution for hassle-free cooking.

Save time & effort with Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper

Embrace the harmony of safety, versatility, and quality with our remarkable Master Chopper. Elevate your cooking journey and savour the joy of creating exquisite dishes effortlessly and with complete peace of mind.

What makes Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml an excellent choice?

Master Chopper is made from BPA-free food grade material, ensuring uncompromised safety. Master Chopper is more than just a chopper and has many other functions.
Improve your cooking experience with our high-quality Master Chopper that comes with a finger guard for slicing and grating, as well as a storage lid for later use. Master Chopper is both safe and convenient to use.
Experience safety and reliability with Master Chopper that features a container made from 100% BPA-free food grade material. Our dedication to your well-being means that every culinary adventure you embark on will be free from harmful toxins. Choose healthy excellence for unmatched purity in your food with the help of Master Chopper.
Master Chopper is not just a chopper but a multi-functional tool that can revolutionise your kitchen. Master Chopper can help you accomplish a range of tasks with minimal time and effort, saving you valuable moments in your busy life. Get ready to be amazed by its versatility.
Master Chopper comes with a range of accessories that can help you prepare different types of food. For instance, Master Chopper is great for cutting vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and chillies, while the egg whisker and separator can help you create an omelette batter with the perfect texture. Each accessory of Master Chopper is designed to help you improve your cooking skills. Master Chopper comes with five different slicers, including a slicing blade, wavy slicer, 3-way Julienne slicer, shredder, and grater. This provides you with precision and convenience for your creative cooking. Master Chopper includes a juicer to make juice extraction easy and satisfying.
You can use Master Chopper to slice or grate food without worry, thanks to the finger guard that ensures your safety. We've even added a storage lid so you can keep any excess food you chop, reducing waste and making Master Chopper more convenient for you to cook in the future.
Our accessories are made with high-quality toxin-free food grade material to ensure your health and exceptional results. We recognize the significance of using safe and trustworthy tools in your culinary pursuits.

What are the components of Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml?

Achieve More in Less Time with Minimal Effort with Master Chopper
Complete Accessory:
1. Chopper for Effortless Food Chopping - Tomatoes, Onions, Chillies, and More.
2. Egg Whisk and Separator for Perfectly Fluffy Omelette Batters.
3. 5 Different Slicers: Slicing Blade, Wavy Slicer, 3-Way Julienne Slicer, Shredder, and Grater. 4. Juicer to Extract Fresh Juice with Ease.

How safe is Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml, to use?
Master Chopper, is equipped with a hand holder that effectively safeguards your hands against accidental injuries. Master Chopper comes with a blade box and chopping blade protector, making Master Chopper one of the most secure kitchen tools on the market. The blades and body of the chopper are constructed using top-notch materials that are BPA-free, guaranteeing both longevity and peace of mind. The use of high-quality materials in Master Chopper, not only enhances its durability but also assures a safe and reliable chopping experience for every user.

How easy is Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml to use?
Master Chopper is a vital kitchen utensil that offers numerous benefits. Not only does Master Chopper facilitate the creation of delectable vegetable dishes, but it also significantly reduces kitchen prep time. Master Chopper excels at swiftly and effortlessly chopping vegetables, thanks to its multiple blades that effortlessly slice through various textures. Consequently, there's no need to struggle with tough vegetables using a traditional knife, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

How efficiently does Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper, 1700ml work?
Master Chopper offers a convenient alternative to using a knife and can greatly expedite your food preparation process. Master Chopper streamline kitchen tasks by eliminating the need for extensive knife work and offering efficient solutions for a wide range of food preparation needs.
Efficiently chopping onions, celery, garlic, and carrots for a range of dishes such as soups, stews, and other culinary creations.
Dicing fresh herbs with ease, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate them into sauces, dips, and other flavour-packed recipes.
Crafting salsas, condiments, and dressings by effectively chopping ingredients into desired sizes and achieving desired texture.
Simplifying the task of chopping nuts, whether it's for baking purposes or as a garnish for your dishes.