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Artemisia Scoparia - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Artemisia Scoparia - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Artemisia scoparia is a plant that has been used in traditional medicine for a long time to treat liver diseases, inflammation, infections, fever, pain, cancer, and diabetes, among other things.


What is Artemisia scoparia?


Artemisia scoparia is a Eurasian species of the sunflower family that belongs to the genus Artemisia. It is common in many parts of Eurasia, from France to Japan, including China, India, Russia, Germany, Poland, central and southwest Asia, etc.


Artemisia scoparia is also known as virgate wormwood, capillary wormwood, or redstem wormwood in English. It is called yn chén in Mandarin Chinese. It is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and is often used in place of Artemisia capillaris.


Early use of Artemisia scoparia:


Artemisia annua was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat malaria and fevers as early as 200 BC. During the Vietnam War in the 1960s, when North Vietnamese troops were fighting in mosquito-filled jungles, they asked for a new way to treat malaria. This old remedy was found again.


The Chinese government started a secret research programme to look into how to treat malaria with both known chemicals and traditional Chinese medicines. Scientists who were asked to study traditional medicines came up with artemisinin, a powerful plant compound that was shown to help people with malaria (with a success rate of about 98%).



Health benefits of Artemisia scoparia:


1. Helps get rid of malaria

Malaria is treated all over the world with the plant Artemisia annua and its main chemical, artemisinin.


Malaria is an infection caused by parasites that is spread by mosquitoes. It can be fatal and is a major threat to global health. It is thought that two billion people could get malaria every year.


2. Antimicrobial Properties

Researchers have found that sweet wormwood is very good at killing germs. It is one of the best herbs for immune health because of this.



3. Antioxidant Properties

Researchers have found that Artemisia annua has properties that make it an antioxidant. The phenolic compounds in the plant are thought to be the reason for these qualities.


4. Aids in Arthritis

Researchers have found that sweet wormwood helps people with arthritis.


5. Properties that fight diabetes

Studies have shown that sweet wormwood can help lower blood sugar and insulin levels in people with diabetes.


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