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Why do professional chefs often use stainless steel cookware?

Why do most homemakers choose stainless steel cookware over, let’s say, every other cookware?

The most dominantly used cookware that shines with its brilliant sheen and performance, stainless steel is the kitchen workhorse and every homemaker’s favourite.

You will virtually find it in every kitchen, neatly tucked in the cabinets or proudly placed on the stovetops. They are essentially used for every type of cooking- frying, sautéing, braising, simmering and so on. Let’s accept it, stainless steel cookware are our cooking wonder that help us cook everything with flair! But ever wondered why are they so popular?

Well, here are some reasons that we think attribute and accentuate stainless steel cookware popularity among chefs and homemakers alike:

Appearance: Shiny & Sleek

The glistering appearance will certainly add that extra sheen to your kitchen. They are made to make your food taste great and look gorgeous; therefore, when the chefs have to flaunt their cooking skill, they certainly rely on the most shining cooking arsenal! A bit of gleam never goes wrong!

Lifespan: Everlasting

Stainless steel cookware will last for many years while giving you relief from the annoying problems of chipping (associated with nonstick), staining (like enamel), or rusting (like cast iron). They are also dent and scratch resistant! Therefore, every homemaker trusts this “cookware of steel.”

Non-Reactive: No flavor alteration

Stainless steel cookware don't leach off any metallic properties into food. This means you are free to cook any acidic food like tomato sauces or cilantro lime fish without the fear of any wired, metallic taste. Certainly a feature that appeals to all!


Great at thermal conductivity

Stainless steel cookware more often than not has aluminium core/base, which makes the cookware heat quickly and evenly while also retaining the heat for long. Therefore, they are just perfect to sear any meat or veggie and even ideal for deep frying.Just the reason they are a big hit among cooks of every calibre!


Fuss-free- Easy to maintain & use

Stainless steel cookware offer smooth, non-porous and hard surface that makes cleaning so easy. You can scrub (avoid rough sponges), soak and clean, or can place it in the dishwasher machine for a fuss-free and effortless clean up. Saves a lot of time that we otherwise spent in cleaning our pots and pans.


BUT, the cookware is not devoid of demerits. However, to its credit, these shortcomings can be easily covered!

Do you know, they are actually bad at heat conductivity? However, the clever use of aluminium base (as explained earlier) easily turns this demerit into merit.

Food might actually stick on its surface. However, if you season it well and coat it with a little amount of oil, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Thus we can easily say that the stainless steel cookware’s credibility is based on reality. There are ample reasons to use this abundantly in our kitchens. So, go on, and revamp your kitchen with the best stainless steel cookware.

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