Dalchini - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Dalchini - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Dalchini, which is also known as cinnamon, is one of the most widely used spices in the world and adds a unique spicy-sweet edge to a variety of sweet and savoury recipes. Whole cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon powder, and cinnamon extract can all be found in the spice section.

The inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree is what makes cinnamon. There are numerous varieties of species. Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum zeylanicum are the two primary types. It has a warm, woodsy scent and a pleasant flavour. Cinnamon has a lovely aroma that awakens the senses while also calming the nerves. The best cinnamon comes from the thinnest bark. Although it can be purchased as a powder, buying it in sticks is preferable. The flavour gets stronger when ground. Ground cinnamon is added to cakes, sweet meals, and fruit pies in addition to hot beverages (especially apples). It goes well with chicken and can also be used in curries.

Dalchini lends a sweet yet spicy flavour to both sweet and savoury meals with its earthy and peppery flavour. Compared to raw taste, one can more easily identify the flavour of cinnamon by smell.


Dalchini for weight loss:


Do you desire natural weight loss? If so, you might want to add cinnamon water to your diet to help you lose weight. Weight loss is just one of the many health advantages of using this natural fat burner.



Dalchini, lemon and honey:


A potent combination of cinnamon, lemon, and honey will aid in weight loss and guard you against a variety of illnesses and diseases. The process is as simple as boiling a cinnamon stick in water, adding honey and a whole lemon. If you'd like, you may additionally flavour the tea with other spices like cardamom, pepper, ginger, or mint.


Dalchini Water:


Water that has been infused with cinnamon sticks is what is commonly referred to as cinnamon water. The cinnamon sticks allow the water to absorb taste and minerals, making it a tasty and nutritious beverage.


The magical effects of cinnamon water on weight loss are well recognised. Your body's fat cells are broken down and expelled with the aid of water. Regular consumption aids in accelerating your metabolism and reducing appetite. The best part is that making cinnamon water for weight loss is really simple and only needs two ingredients: hot water and cinnamon sticks.


Other benefits of cinnamon water:

Increased metabolism

Suppressed appetite

Improved digestion


Cinnamon uses in food:


We all know that cinnamon is appropriate for apple pie, banana pie, and other desserts because of its unusually sweet flavour. What about curries, though? The curries listed below will taste fantastic with only a dash or two of cinnamon powder added.


  • Ceylon cinnamon or True Cinnamon is a great addition to Rajma masala to give it a milder taste. Rajma is already quite a spicy and savoury dish, so the addition of cinnamon helps to balance out the flavours.
  • Soups will also benefit from a pinch of fragrant cinnamon powder.


  • Lentils are healthy, but they can be unappealing to some people. However, cooked lentils topped with cinnamon powder will not only smell good but also taste good.


  • Adding a stick of cinnamon to beef, fish, or chicken curries is another great way to enjoy the spice.


  • Chefs at the majority of South Indian food stalls add cinnamon powder in the batter for Dosa, Idli, and Uttapam. But it is enticing to know that adding a dash of cinnamon makes "sambhar" much more delicious. This is because cinnamon works as a balancing agent because tamarind already makes it pretty sour.


Not all cinnamons are equal:

The two main types of cinnamon are Ceylon and Cassia. Ceylon cinnamon is grown in Sri Lanka, while Cassia cinnamon is grown in China and Indonesia. Cassia cinnamon has a stronger flavour and odour than Ceylon cinnamon, and is also much cheaper. However, Ceylon cinnamon may be better for your health due to its milder, sweeter flavour.


Coumarin, a plant component that can harm the liver, can be found in rather high concentrations in cassia. In a study of 91 cinnamon samples from various German retailers, cassia cinnamon powder had 63 times more coumarin than Ceylon powder. The amount of coumarin in Cassia sticks, which resemble a thick layer of rolled bark, was likewise 18 times higher than in Ceylon sticks, which had thin layers.


Make the best of cinnamons:

Apart from the regular meals, you can use cinnamons in the following ways too:


  1. Sprinkle in your coffee:

If you enjoy coffee, you can give it a fantastic kick by adding a dash of cinnamon. Cinnamon can help you lose weight by reducing the amount of sugar you add to your coffee, which makes it even more healthy overall.


  1. Add it to your juices:

If you enjoy drinking fruit and vegetable juices, add some cinnamon to it to enhance the flavour and nutritional content. Apple juice, carrot juice, and even orange juice pair well with cinnamon.


  1. Mix it to your protein shake:

Fitness enthusiasts, add lots of cinnamon to your protein shake for the best results!


  1. Add it to smoothies

Fruit smoothies taste fantastic with cinnamon added. You can use any fruit combination you like, but a smoothie with bananas and oats usually tastes great. One banana, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a few handfuls of oats, a cup of milk, a half-cup of yoghurt, and a teaspoon of sugar are all blended together. Eat it for breakfast or following exercise.


  1. Sprinkle it on your cereals:

A little bit of cinnamon will go a long way toward enhancing the flavour of your cereal or oats if you consume them for breakfast.


  1. Cook with it:

Cinnamon is an essential component of the garam masala mixture and is used in many Indian cuisines. Now you can begin including a piece of cinnamon in dishes that don't usually call for it. The best part is that this adaptable spice pairs nicely with meals that are spicy, savoury, or sweet!


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