Difference Between Nonstick and Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware

Whenever you are planning to pick up a new cookware for your kitchen, the question whether you should opt for nonstick cookware or stainless steel might bother you. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware or Nonstick Kitchen Cookware both have their own set of pros and cons that you need to consider before making your final decision.  Here's shedding more light on their differences:


Coating: Stainless steel cookware are generally uncoated cookware whereas non-stick cookware, as the name suggests, feature coatings.


When to use stainless steel cookware Vs when to use non-stick cookware: A stainless steel cookware performs really great when searing, browning, and cooking acidic foods. Non-stick cookware is ideal for cooking eggs, pancakes, delicate fish or when you want to enjoy minimal oil cooking.

Heat Conduction and Retention: Generally, both types of cookware heat up quickly and evenly, however, stainless steel can withstand higher temperatures and retains heat for longer periods.

Durability: If used properly, stainless steel cookware has a longer shelf life. However, Circulon offers non-stick cookware that can also last for a lifetime.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Non-stick cookware is generally much easier to clean as its sleek surface allows smooth food release.


Having said this, stainless kitchen cookware are very popular in India as they are impervious to rust and corrosion. The best stainless steel cookware set in India generally does not contain any harmful coating that can be hazardous to health. So, you don’t need to fear chemical coating or harmful gas emission during cooking. Meyer offers the best stainless steel cookware set in India in the form of Meyer Select and Meyer Trivantage.


These potsandpans stainless steel cookware are made from 100% Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel from Nippon Steel Corp JAPAN with ZERO harmful chemicals or coatings.The unbeatable quality of PNF stainless steel endows hardness to the surface that makes these cookware super sturdy. The pure Japanese stainless steel construction of the cookware offers smooth, non-porous and hard surface, enabling easy food release and clean up. 


Many cooks also vouch for the superiority of non-stick cookware over other cookware materials. A Nonstick Kitchen Cookware is easy to use and clean as its smooth coating keeps food from sticking on the surface and also prompts effortless cleaning. A non-stick cookware is also loved by health-conscious cooks who want to cook using less or minimal oil.


However, people are usually skeptical about using non stick cookware due to its chemical coating. Potsandpans non stick cookware sets easily take care of this worry with their incredible range such as Circulon Origins, Circulon Infinite, Circulon Momentum, Merlot and Luminescence that come with 100% safety guarantee. Along with non stick cookware sets best prices, these cookware feature a range of traits that make them perfect for daily cooking. These cookware are safe, functional, durable with sturdy construction and even heat distribution.

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