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Know your Ceramic Cookware better

Addressing all your concerns and confusions about ceramic cookware


Is it made of mud?

Is it eco-friendly?

Is it non-stick?


The questions about Ceramic cookware are unending. And we are trying to address all those frequently asked questions and resolve all your doubts and confusion here. So, read on to know more:


Is ceramic cookware made of clay?

No. They’re actually metal cookware with a finish that uses silicon to prevent sticking. The coating is made of sand and has a slick, glossy surface that gives it the name ceramic.


Is ceramic cookware non-stick?

The ceramic coating is naturally nonstick. It is a non-porous surface, which keeps food from sticking to the pots and pans. The coating is made using a ceramic polymer created from a combination of silicon and oxygen.


Can you put ceramic cookware on high heat?

Yes. It is heat resistant up to 450 C. However, as a general guideline, food should be cooked in medium-high temperatures to preserve the nutrition and also prolong the life of any pan.

However, even if you accidentally heat a ceramic coated pan beyond 450 C, it will not emit any toxic fumes, unlike a Teflon coated pan. It will also not break down.


Can you use metal utensils for cooking in non stick cookware?

No. Metal utensils could scratch or damage the coating. So, it is recommended to always use silicone, wooden, nylon or plastic accessories.


Can they be used in the oven?

Depends on the handles.  If the handles are all stainless steel, you can expose it to heat up to 180 C in the oven. And if handles are silicone, then don’t exceed 177 C.


Is a scratched or chipped ceramic pan safe to use?

If the underlying metal is either aluminum or stainless steel, then it is considered safe. As aluminium or stainless steel generally does not leach into food and the amount that leaches from untreated cookware is not enough to cause a health hazard.  So if your ceramic cookware had developed a few minor scratches, the chances of aluminum or nickel leaching into food are really low.



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