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Your virtual one-stop shopping destination where you would get virtually everything for your kitchen and cooking! Whether you are building your kitchen from scratch, making a sleek addition or replacing the old/obsolete cookware, we have got your kitchen needs covered. We have got everything from basic to extravagant and from traditional to contemporary- in every size, shape and material at our website!



Kitchen utilities: Simplifying food preparation

The importance of kitchen tools is magnanimous for efficient cooking, organization and time management. A right set of cooking tool not only helps you maintain cleanliness and orderliness in your kitchen but also sets the tone for a fast-paced and hassle-free cooking.

The basic tools that you need to have are choppers that will help you chop, whisk, mix, mince, make stylish slices, beat or whip egg whites. A sleek chopping board is also an integral part of food preparation and Meyer offers you high-end set of choppers and chopping board that will streamline your food preparation.

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Accessories: To ace up the cooking game

Indian cuisine is such that it requires endless stirring and flipping. Therefore, it is essential to have accessories- ladle, turner, spatula, tongs, and whisk- that have the perfect combination of flexibility and toughness to facilitate the handling of soft & delicate paneer in a pan or tossing & flipping rotis on a tawa. Meyer offers an arsenal of revolutionary kitchen accessories that will brighten and simplify your cooking life while ensuring that surface of your cookware is completely protected. These accessories offer excellent grip and great comfort while handling food so that you can flip, turn and serve food effortlessly, every time!

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Kadai: The wizard of Indian cuisines

The magical taste that Indian cuisines have is mostly due to Kadai. This deep sided pot is perfect to prepare popular Indian delicacies like pakodas, curries, stews, gravies and more. We offer kadai in every material and size. Our diverse range includes cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel, triply and non-stick.

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Fry Pan: The master of multitasking

A multi-purpose kitchen item that is adept at multitasking, this is your most versatile utensil that is fit for all kinds of cooking. This can be easily used for making dry vegetarian preparations, pan frying meats, fish or tofu to poached eggs, chillas, omelette and an endless list of delicacies.

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Cook & Serve Casseroles

From stove top to your table, casserole will help you cook delicious one pot meals and serve them in style. Each of our wide range of casseroles are loaded with features and benefits that will make your kitchen and cooking life easy. Finest finish, robust construction, unmatchable safety, unbeatable durability and the widest variety make our casserole collection perfect. Explore our collection here!


Saucepan: The Brew Master

Saucepan is a must-have for every Indian kitchen. This is the cookware you resort to whenever you have to boil water, warm milk or brew tea! It is a handy utensil that excels at cooking anything that's mostly liquid, therefore, is great for stewing, simmering, making soups and also pasta sauce.

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Tawas: The most Integral cooking arsenal

Indian cuisine is incomplete without rotis and parathas, therefore, we have taken special care to design an array of tawas that will ensure that you cook your daily staples sumptuously. From a wide range of shapes- conclave, round, flat and square- to an assemblage of shapes and sizes, we have covered the distinguished needs of our customers with aplomb.

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Bakeware: Bake the world beautiful

There’s nothing more healthy and heavenly than home-made baked goods. Get the best bakeware to add sweet flavors to your life. These 100% safe bakeware are robust with heavy-gauge cold steel to propel even baking and smooth release. The bakeware features honeycomb texture for increased air flow and better browning.

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