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Only for the person I love the most…

Love is like the gush of the soothing wind that might caress you sweetly when you least expect it. I assume this is what must have happened to our Desi Girl, Priyanka Chopra, who might have found love when she didn’t foresee it and now is reluctant to let it go. It is known to everyone, unless you are living in the cave age, that the bubbly actor is head over heels in love with the much younger Hollywood singer, Nick Jonas. The two lovebirds are apparently going to get hitched soon. Director Ali Abbas Zafar alluded this in his now viral tweet, wherein he sweetly laments about PeeCee leaving the upcoming movie, Bharat, in the “Nick” of time.

No, I don’t espouse the unachievable glossy and abs-abundant body of the celebrities. But of course, I want to get rid of the oodles that make me the subject of ridicule of the negative inner me.

I want to show to the inner, critical voice of me that I can certainly restrain from reaching to a piece of chocolate. I can substitute those calorie-rich decadents with some other healthy and sweet alternatives. I am sure there must be many girls like me who want to get the best of both worlds- enjoy sweet sans all those unwanted fats.

Chef Varun Arora has shared an array of recipes bursting with sweet flavors. I will try to replicate those dishes in my kitchen. And I will do this not for anyone else, but for I, me and myself!

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