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Raw Jackfruit – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Raw Jackfruit – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

The jackfruit, a distinctive and alluring tropical fruit with a distinct musky smell. Summer and autumn are prime times for picking the fruit. This fruit comes in a variety of sizes, but the largest ones typically range from 10 to 60 centimetres in length and 25 to 75 centimetres in diameter. Green when unripe, this unique jackfruit ripens to a golden brown and releases a heady scent. Jackfruit is widely used as a meat alternative by vegetarians and vegans due to its high protein content.


The thick flesh surrounding the seed of a jackfruit is eaten raw just two to four days before the fruit becomes sweet. It has a creamy white colour, a bland flavour, and no ripe mango scent, just like raw mango.



Plant description of jackfruit:

Jackfruit, also known as "jak fruit" or "jak," can grow to be as much as 3 feet long and 20 inches wide, making it the largest tree fruit in the world. The maximum weight of a single fruit is 110 pounds. But, you are not the only one who is unaware of this.


First discovered in India's tropical forests, jackfruit is now cultivated in many other countries, including Thailand,  Brazil,  Africa, and the Philippines.



Jackfruit taste:

Unripe jackfruit has a mild flavour that goes well with savoury meals. Unripe jackfruit can be used as a substitute for tofu or chickpeas in vegetarian curries.


Yet, jackfruit is best known for its resemblance to barbecued meat.


Nutritional value of raw jackfruit:



There is evidence that jackfruit has a higher nutrient density than other popular fruits like apples,  and avocados. Vitamin C is abundant, and it's additionally among the few fruits that has high level of B vitamins.


Jackfruit also has other nutrients like potassium, magnesium, niacin, riboflavin, and folate.



The yellow pigments in jackfruit, called carotenoids, contain a lot of vitamin A. Carotenoids, like other antioxidants, prevent cellular damage and promote healthy physiological function. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, and age-related eye conditions including macular degeneration and cataracts may be avoided with their support.



Culinary uses of jackfruit: 

Jackfruits are a versatile fruit that may be found in many Southeast Asian dishes. Here are a few examples:

  1. In Bangladesh, it is common to include flesh and seeds in curries.
  2. Snacks of roasted seeds are popular.
  3. BBQ or teriyaki sauce is used to flavour the meat.
  4. In some regions of India and elsewhere, fruit is used to make desserts.
  5. Over the world, jackfruits are included into a wide variety of cuisines.


Health benefits of raw jackfruit:

Jackfruit Promotes weight loss:

Yet, the greater fibre and water content of raw jackfruit make it more filling than the same volume of rice or rotis. Thus you can lose weight without feeling hungry by eating less yet feeling full for longer.


Jackfruit Treats diabetes:

Raw jackfruit is beneficial for diabetics, while mature jackfruit is not. Compared to other grains like rice and wheat, the glycemic load (increase in sugar/blood glucose level) of raw jackfruit is significantly lower, according to clinical trials conducted at Sydney University's Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS). This means that raw jackfruit can be used in place of rice or rotis to reduce the impact on blood sugar.


Jackfruit has plenty of protein

Raw jackfruit is one of the rare vegetables that really has protein (3 grams per cup). Compared to an egg or lean meat, maybe, but as far as vegetables go, that's fantastic!


Jackfruit is low in calories

The vegetable has less calories than other starchy vegetables like potatoes or beets and grains because of its high fibre content and ability to keep you full for longer. Therefore you may enjoy the advantages with no added weight!


Jackfruit acts as Immunity Booster

Vitamin C, which is present in raw jackfruit, is beneficial for warding off illness and strengthening the immune system. It also possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics that help keep inflammation-related diseases at bay, such as arthritis and gastrointestinal issues.


Jackfruit is Good for Your Heart

Eating raw jackfruit can help you maintain healthy arteries, improve your blood flow, and lower your cholesterol levels.


Jackfruit is a fantastic substitute for meat

Raw jackfruit may stand in for meat in many meals (such as curries, biryanis, and more) without sacrificing flavour or nutritional value for vegetarians and vegans. The nutrient and flavorful qualities of jackfruit extend even to the fruit's seeds.


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