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Select or Trivantage: Which Stainless Steel Cookware Should You Buy?

Select or Trivantage: Which Stainless Steel Cookware Should You Buy?
If you are a fan of stainless-steel cookware, then we have two excellent ranges- Select & Trivantage- to offer you a wholesome cooking experience. Both these ranges feature high-grade stainless steel and have been designed to cater to your needs with perfection. They are sleek and shiny and come with all the merits that make stainless steel so popular.


But are these ranges same or are they different? Let’s clear your confusion and help you make a wise decision!



Table of Content

  1. Why should one buy Meyer Select?
  2. Why should one buy Meyer Trivantage?
  3. What is common between Meyer Select and Meyer Trivantage?
  4. Some key differences
  5. Final Verdict: Which one should you choose?  




Why should one buy Meyer Select?


​​The unbeatable quality of PNF stainless steel endows hardness to the surface that makes it super sturdy. The pure stainless-steel construction of the cookware offers smooth, non-porous and hard surface, enabling easy food release and clean up. The cookware is completely safe for your cooking because it's composed of 100 percent nickel-free thick stainless steel manufactured in Japan that contains ZERO hazardous chemicals or coatings. This cookware is free of PTFE, PFOA, and BPA, all of which may seep into your food. This cooking equipment is completely safe to eat!


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Why should one buy Meyer Trivantage?


Trivantage is a type of cookware that combines three different metals into one. The walls of stainless steel on the inside and aluminium core in the middle drive fast, uniform heat circulation throughout the pan, eliminating "hot spots" and boosting faster cooking. The bottom layer of stainless steel is magnetised, allowing it to be used on any cooktop, including induction. A high-quality stainless steel body that is resistant to rust and corrosion. It’s extremely smooth surface allows for hygienic cooking and easy cleaning, as well as the ideal surface for sliding effortlessly across your dishware. It is not only scratch-resistant, but it is also highly resistant to warping, nicking, and pitting.  






    What is common between Select and Trivantage?


    Best of stainless steel & aluminium Stainless steel is lapped by Indian households for its durability, hygiene, and non-reactive qualities. However, this almost indestructible material is a poor conductor of heat. But this shortcoming is well compensated with the smart use of aluminium core in both the ranges that propel even and quick heat distribution. These two ranges offer the best of stainless steel & aluminium.
    Highly durable ranges Nearly indestructible, both these ranges will last for many years while giving you a relief from the annoying problems of chipping (associated with non-stick), staining (like enamel), or rusting (like cast iron).
    Easy to Maintain & Use Both ranges are low on effort and high on value. They can be used on all cooktops, including induction, and can be placed in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.
    Unmatchable gleam & elegant design Shiny, mirror-finished appearance of these ranges add extra shine to any kitchen — from modern loft, traditional style, to urban country. The elegantly designed pots and pans will make a glittering difference to the overall look of your kitchen.




    Key Difference


    Key Differences Select Trivantage
    Comfort of Handling Silicone grip underneath the steel handle. Anti-slip, elegant and very comfortable. Made of steel with Silicone over mould for better grip and no burning of hands at all.
    Base Thick encapsulated impact bonded base with 5 mm Aluminium core inside. Works on all cooktop available in a regular kitchen. Three layers of metal, first layer of Steel (cooking surface), Aluminium in the middle (excellent heat conductivity) and Magnetic steel (efficient on induction). Works on all cooktop available in a regular kitchen.
    Overall, Body Construction Single layer of high-quality Nickel free steel and greatness of impacted bonded base. Impact (Friction) Bonding is a heat-pressure technique that allows the spreading of an aluminium disc over the pan's outer edge, protecting the exposed surfaces from direct heat and therefore lowering the risk of "hot spots." Clad pans are composed of stainless steel and aluminium sandwiched together (aluminium being the middle layer). These pans distribute heat well throughout the body, including the edges, making them an excellent choice for stock pots and saucepans.



    Final Verdict : Which one should you choose?


    It completely depends on your choice as both are premium and priced similarly. Both ranges offer optimal thermal conductivity with a 10-year warranty! So, no matter which range you decide to invest in, we guarantee a phenomenal and 100% hassle-free cooking experience!




    Explore the Nickel Free Stainless Steel Ranges here : 


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