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Experts' Verdict: Top Stainless Steel Pans In India

Which stainless steel cookware to buy? Surely, this is one question that plagues you a lot, when you decide to go shopping for your cookware because few cookware pieces are as mysterious and intimidating as steel pots and pans.  It is true that stainless steel cookware in India is still a mystery to many of us as we are not familiar with cooking in it the right way.

However, if you treat it right and buy the right stuff, stainless steel will give you much better and consistent results as compared to other cookware range. You just need to have the right eye for quality and construction and a little bit of practical know-how and you can easily buy the best stainless-steel cookware that will last you decades to come.


Which stainless steel cookware to buy?

Construction is key - This is extremely important and daunting as well because you need to figure out whether the product is made well.

The construction depends upon three important categories – the material, cladding and the handle.

The best type is a fully clad utensil where the heat is retained and distributed evenly with no chances of hot or cold spots.  A fully clad stainless-steel cookware with aluminium base takes different materials and sandwiches them together in alternative layers which means that the pot or pan will now distribute and retain heat in a much better manner.


Build to last

Most professional chefs prefer stainless steel cookware with riveted handles as opposed to spot welded ones as the latter usually gives up if it is banged around a bit. Moreover, stainless steel cookware with glass lids of good quality is another favourite amongst the chefs. The point is that cookware that is light or flimsy, there is a good chance it will not last long. When you go shopping check the handles and see whether they are firmly attached to visible rivets and when you handle the pan it stays firm in your hand or wobbles.

Easy to use

Stainless steel cookware in India is still finding its place as people do not understand the right way to use it. For example, beginners usually encounter the problem of food sticking. This happens when the pan is not properly heated and the oil is added early or a bit too late.


All in all, you only need a bit of guidance and understanding of your stainless steel cookware and we can guarantee you will never use anything else.

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