Sun Melon – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Sun Melon – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Sun melons are called Sarda in Hindi.  You can eat it by itself, or you can add it to salads, smoothies, purees, ice cream, yoghurt, or frozen desserts. Sarda is a very powerful immune system booster because it has a lot of antioxidants. Aside from this, it also has a lot of other nutrients that can help keep you healthy. 

Sun melons, which are also called "Korean melon" and "Chamoe," are like cantaloupes as their seeds run through the center, but they taste sweeter and more like pears.



What is a sun melon?

The sun melon is an old fruit with roots that go all over the world. This summer fruit is great for quenching thirst, and its white flesh is known for being crisp and juicy. When it's ready, it smells like bubblegum and pears and tastes like cucumber and honeydew.



Taste of sun melon:

The rind of the melon is bitter, while the inside of the seed cavity is said to be the sweetest part. The flesh is crisp and has between 7 and 8 Brix of sugar, which gives it a taste that is slightly sweet, mild, floral, and slightly vegetal, like a mix of honeydew and cucumber.



Nutritional value of sun melon:

There are a lot of vitamins A and C in sun melons. Folic acid, potassium,  magnesium, and carotenoids are all in them. They have nutrients called cucurbitacin B and cucurbitacin E that help reduce inflammation.


Health benefits of sun melon:

1. Sun melon takes care of your heart

There is adenosine and potassium in watermelon. Potassium keeps sodium from doing damage to the body and keeps blood pressure in check. Adenosine also stops blood from clotting in the heart and blood vessels, which keeps heart diseases from happening.


2. Sun melon reduces periods cramp

If you have a lot of stomach pain and cramps when you have your period, taking Sardana will help a lot.


3. Sun melon stops hair fall 

Hair loss has become a problem for everyone, both men and women. So a healthy diet is very important if you want to stop it. Sarda is full of vitamin B, which not only stops hair loss but also helps hair grow. You can eat watermelon, but you can also make a paste out of it and put it on your hair. It helps out a lot.


4. Sun melon stimulates weight loss

Sun melon has very few calories, but it has a lot of fibre, which can make it easier to lose weight. When you eat Sarda, your stomach stays full for a long time. Since you don't feel hungry, you don't eat more than you need to.


5. Sun melon is good for the eyes


The beta carotene in Sarda is good for the eyes. Beta-carotene, which is found in cantaloupe, is turned into vitamin A, which helps prevent many eye problems.


6. Sun melon boosts digestion

Melons are also good for your digestive system when you eat them. Because it is eaten, it keeps the intestines working perfectly. Constipation, gas, and stomach acidity stay far away.


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