Top Reasons to Choose Ceramic Coated Kitchenware Appliances

Are you planning to make new lifestyle changes this new year? Start from your kitchen with your cookware.


Cooking at home is supposed to be safe, but unsuspectingly we tend to sabotage our efforts by choosing wrong cookware. Most of the non-stick cookware tend to release toxic fumes when overheated; they are actually harmful to you, to your food and to the environment.

However, there’s a wealth of other options that can equally spark a hassle-free cooking and eating experience. One of them is ceramic cookware.  Here’s exploring top reasons to choose ceramic cookware appliances.


1. Natural and toxin-free:

Unlike the name suggests, ceramic cookware is not made of ceramic but metal (usually aluminium). It uses a ceramic gel made from silicone and oxygen which give it a stick resistant cooking surface. 

The best ceramic pots and pans are 100% toxin free and don't contain PFOA, PFAS, PTFE, lead, or cadmium, hence there is no risk of releasing harmful fumes if ceramic cookware is overheated. Therefore, they are a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional non-stick pans.

If you want to buy best ceramic cookware in India, opt for Anzen by one of the most popular cookware brands in world, Meyer.


2. Food doesn’t stick:

Ceramic pots and pans are naturally non-stick; therefore, food will release smoothly. You can easily flip your pancake or sauté vegetables even by using little oil. It also provides an ideal surface for delicate food like fish that tends to cling to the cookware surface. Since the food doesn’t stick to the surface, clean-up is also easier.


3. Ideal for healthy eating:

If you want to eliminate or minimize oil from your cooking, ceramic cookware is your ideal option. The naturally non-stick surface of the cookware allows you to cook low fat meals without excess grease.


4. Attractive appearance:

Get away from the world of black and silver with the beautifully coloured ceramic cookware. Anzen comes in a soothing greening gray hue that adds a calming touch to your kitchen.


5. High-heat tolerance:

You can also buy ceramic cookware for its excellent heat tolerance. Ceramic cookware can endure heat upto 400-450 degree Celsius.


6. Non-reactive to acidic food:

Cookware generally tend to react with acidic food such as tomatoes, vinegars and so on, ruining the flavour. With ceramic cookware you can cook any food without the fear of flavour alteration.


7. Low maintenance:

You don’t need to worry about complicated seasoning or vigorous scrapping, this is low maintenance and easy to use cookware.


So, this year, upgrade to ceramic cookware and enjoy safe cooking and delicious flavours for many years.



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