Urad Dal – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Urad Dal – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Urad dal is also referred to as Black gram in English and Masha in Ayurvedic medicine. It is utilised for a variety of medicinal purposes in the Ayurveda medical system. It is high in nutrients and aids in energy production.

Urad dal is high in fibre, which aids digestion. Because of its laxative properties, it may also aid with constipation by encouraging bowel movements. Because of its aphrodisiac properties, regular use of Urad dal promotes sexual drive in males, which in turn helps control sexual dysfunction. Urad dal is also beneficial to diabetics since it enhances insulin secretion and sensitivity.

Due to its heavy nature, adding Urad dal to your daily diet aids in weight gain, according to Ayurveda.


What is urad dal? 

Urad dal, formally known as Vigna mungo, is a type of lentil that is often found in South Indian households. In English, it is also known as Urd bean, Black lentil, Urad bean, Black matpe bean, Mungo bean, and in Hindi as Urad dal. Vigna mungo seeds are primarily a staple food, and the dehulled and broken seeds are a popular South Asian meal. Vigna mungo is a hairy and bushy annual with a complex taproot. From the base, the stem is densely branched. Tropical regions, particularly Asia, cultivate the shrub for its tasty seeds.


Nutritional value of urad dal:

The nutritional value of urad dal and whole urad dal is enormous. Urad dal contains protein, carbs, fats, iron, and calcium. Also, intact urad contains dietary fibre, whereas urad dal does not. Flavonoids and phenolic compounds are two of the most notable phytochemicals found in urad dal.


Urad dal health benefits:

1) Promotes gut health: Black gramme is good for your digestive system since it contains a lot of soluble and insoluble fibre. Together, these types of fibre accelerate digestion and can be an excellent treatment for constipation, diarrhoea, and other digestive issues.


2) Increases the iron level in your body: Iron is an essential nutrient source for your body since it aids in the production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). These red blood cells also contribute to the provision of oxygen to all of the body's organs. This consistent flow of oxygen keeps the body healthy and prevents illnesses like anaemia. Due to its high iron content, urad dal is beneficial to the body in this regard.


3) Maintain heart health and happiness: Urad dal works like magic to keep your heart feeling exceptionally healthy and joyful! Potassium, which is included in this variety of lentil, aids in regular blood circulation throughout the body, reducing damage to your arterial walls.


Urad dal eating on a regular basis helps to avoid atherosclerosis. In this worrying health condition, the arteries narrow and harden, making room for plaque to form around the arterial wall.


4) Diabetes-friendly: Because of its high fibre content, urad dal is an excellent complement to the diet of diabetics. The nutrient-dense black gramme can also keep your glucose levels in check, allowing you to keep your diabetes under control and manageable.


5) Promotes healthy, lustrous hair: One of the finest ways to treat dull, frizzy hair is to make a paste of urad dal and curd and apply it to the roots of your hair. Then, using a milk shampoo, wash it all away. Urad dal for hair is beneficial since it includes protein, fatty acids, and iron, all of which aid to feed your hair.


6) Urad dal for weight loss: The high fibre content of black grammes will assist you halt mid-day munching and manage your hunger sensations. A breakfast prepared with urad dal will fill you up and prevent you from craving snacks!


7) Increases bone strength: As you age, your bones can get weaker and more fragile. Your body need specific nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron to maintain bone density and strength.


Urad dal employs all of the nutrients in it to ensure that your bones are cared for and receive the nutrition they require to be strong. Regular consumption of black grammes can also help you avoid bone problems such as osteoporosis. Women going through menopause may experience bone weakness. Nutritionists may advise them to consume urad dal on a regular basis.


8) Protects your kidney: The health and well-being of your kidneys are critical to your overall health. Urad dal is a diuretic, which means it flushes out all toxins and other harmful elements from the kidney by encouraging the consumer to urinate frequently. As a result, this helps to prevent the production of kidney stones and guarantees that your kidney is in good working order.


9) Excellent for your skin: The many nutrients in urad dal, such as iron, help enhance oxygen and blood circulation to the skin, giving it a naturally beautiful and fresh look! You can also lessen the effect of sunburn, tan, and acne by preparing a paste of urad dal and apply it to your skin.


10) Urad dal enhances male reproductive health: Urad dal for male sperm count improves sperm count and motility while also reducing impotence and sexual dysfunction.



Uses of urad dal:

Black gramme is traditionally used to make dals, curries, soups, stews, and side dishes. Furthermore, black gramme can be utilised to make DIY face packs for acne and other skin disorders.


It is employed in Ayurveda medicine due to its numerous health advantages. Black gramme is very popular due to its high fibre content.



Urad dal side-effects:

Urad dal has numerous health benefits for your heart, kidneys, nervous system, skin, and hair. It is a miraculous natural element for many health problems such as constipation, osteoporosis, kidney stones, excessive cholesterol levels, and so on.


But, there are certain drawbacks to Urad dal that you should be aware of before taking too much of it on a regular basis. Too much urad dal can raise your uric acid levels, which can result in kidney stones, gallstones, or gout.



FAQs on Urad Dal:

1) Is Urad Dal Beneficial for Diabetes?

Because of its high fibre content, urad dal is a good supplement to the diet of diabetics. The nutrient-dense black gramme can also keep your glucose levels in check, allowing you to keep your diabetes under control and manageable.


2) Is Urad Dal Protein-Rich?

Indeed, 100 g of urad dal has 25.21 g of protein, making it a protein-rich superfood.


3) Can We Eat Urad Dal Every Day?

Absolutely, you can eat urad dal on a daily basis.


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