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Watermelon Seeds - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Watermelon Seeds - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated because it is 92% water and full of minerals and vitamins. Its seeds have a lot of different nutrients. The number of calories in these seeds is low, and they are full of micronutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium, etc. The Diabetes Food Chart gives watermelon seeds a big spot because they are good for your heart and immune system and help keep your blood sugar levels in check.


What are watermelon seeds?

When you think of a watermelon, you probably picture a red, mushy, juicy fruit, but not the seeds. Most of the time, people take these black seeds out of the fruit and eat them. But did you know that these black seeds have magical properties that make them healthy? The tiny seeds are very healthy and full of nutrients. It only takes a few minutes to dry and roast some, and then you have a healthy snack that tastes good and gives your body an extra boost of good nutrients.


Nutrients in Watermelon seeds:

In terms of nutritional value, watermelon seeds are among the best. They have a lot of vitamins, proteins, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, and more. You shouldn't eat too many watermelon seeds because they have a lot of calories. One cup of roasted watermelon seeds has about 600 calories.


How to eat watermelon seeds?

The best way to eat watermelon seeds is to roast them. To roast watermelon seeds is an easy thing to do. Put the seeds on a baking sheet and heat the oven to 325°F (160°C). They shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to roast, but you may need to stir them halfway through to make sure they cook evenly. If you want to make the seeds taste better, you can add olive oil, salt, cinnamon, or a light dusting of sugar.


Health benefits of watermelon seeds: 

  1. Watermelon seeds are good for skin

Your skin will look better if you snack on roasted watermelon seeds. In addition to stopping acne breakouts, it keeps your skin moist and stops the first signs of ageing. When you eat these seeds often, the elasticity stays the same.


  1. Watermelon seeds make hair stronger

Protein, iron, magnesium, and copper are all essential for healthy hair. Magnesium keeps hair from getting split ends and breaking, and protein makes hair grow faster. Copper makes more melanin, which keeps your hair silky and bright.


  1. Watermelon seeds are good for heart

There are many ways that watermelon seeds are good for your heart. They are a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and studies show that these good fats may help protect the heart. There is a lot of magnesium in these seeds, which is very important for keeping blood pressure normal. The fact that watermelon seeds can help keep your heart healthy is probably because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The iron in them is also important for getting oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. The seeds of watermelon are also a good source of zinc, which is important for heart health because it controls how calcium moves in the heart.


  1. Watermelon seeds lower blood sugar

People who eat watermelon seeds have less insulin resistance and better control of their blood sugar. Diabetes patients' main goal is to keep their blood sugar levels under control, and seeds are a great way to do this. Add these valuable seeds to your diet to keep your blood sugar level steady. The magnesium in watermelon seeds helps control how carbs are broken down, which has a direct effect on blood sugar levels.


  1. Watermelon seeds boost immunity

The iron and minerals in watermelon seeds help keep the immune system strong. Vitamin B complex, which is found in these seeds, is also helpful in this way.


  1. Watermelon seeds prevent osteoporosis

In osteoporosis, bones are weak and have low bone density, which makes them more likely to break. If you eat dried watermelon seeds often, you can stop your bones from breaking down too quickly. The amount of magnesium in these seeds is amazing, giving you more than 140% of your daily needs. They also have a lot of copper, potassium, and manganese. All of these nutrients are good for your bones and make them stronger.


  1. watermelon seeds help nervous system

Vitamin B complex, which is important for a healthy nervous system and brain, is found in watermelon seeds.


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