What makes a great SAUTÉ PAN ?

What makes a great SAUTÉ PAN ?
The most essential cookware for your kitchen that will help you with all kinds of meal without any hassle

You could confuse it with a casserole, you might use it as a substitute for a saucepan, but a high-quality saute pan holds on its own when it comes to features and versatility. It often acts as a one-cookware army in your kitchen. A premium saute pan truly is the most essential and exceedingly used cookware.



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  1. What is a Saute Pan
  2. Features of a Saute Pan
  3. Best Saute Pans in India  


1. What is a Saute Pan?


​​A sauté pan is used for sautéing food. It has a broad and flat bottom with high vertical sides, a long handle and a lid to cover. It helps you cook food faster in a minimal amount of oil/butter. The long straight sides and the long handle of the pan provide you ample tossing ability which helps in even cooking. If you haven't been able to cough up the big bucks, this one-pan army Sauté Pan could be for you. It is the most versatile pan and can be used to cook vegetables, chicken breasts, fish filets or steak, daal, dry vegetable preparations like gobhi aloo and wet gravies like Kadai paneer, rajma etc. ; you can cook almost anything in a sauté pan. It can be used as a frying pan, pizza maker, skillet, stir-fry, kadhai and cake pan. All the features of a Sauté pan are important and designed to make cooking easier and proper..


2. Features of a Saute Pan:


The Wide Flat Bottom: This enables uniform distribution of heat and prevents uneven cooking. It also allows us to cook food faster without actually burning it. A flat bottom also helps in the easy movement of the ingredients which helps properly cook the food without making it soggy.

Sides: A sauté pan is meant to keep its contents on the bottom of the pan, and the high edges help by containing what you’re cooking better than curved edges. This means a sauté pan can handle sauces and liquids that might slosh over the edges of a frying pan; this is also what makes them ideal for frying, as they can better contain hot oil without risking dangerous spills or splatters

Lid: The lid traps steam inside the pan helping it store heat which enables quick and even cooking. The lid allows you to see what's going on inside the pot without having to lift it off, letting steam escape. Many brands like Circulon have colander lids or sometimes built-in strainers to make cooking even easier for you.

Long Handle: A long handle is always preferred because it stays cool, comfortable to hold and makes it easier to toss items in the pan. Many brands offer silicone inserts or phenolic stay cool handles for better grip and comfort.


3. Best Saute Pans in India


Now that you know the qualities that make a saute pan great, here are the top three saute pans that are impressive and will help you cook like a pro:

Name Material Price Lid
Meyer Select Stainless Steel Saute Pan 24cm (Induction & Gas Compatible) Stainless Steel ₹ 4,180 Yes
Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Saute Pan With Helper Handle, 4.5 Liters Stainless steel interior ₹ 5,580 Yes
Circulon Origins 24cm Sautepan Non-Stick Hard Anodized Hard anodised non-stick cookware ₹ 3,580 Yes



Meyer Select Stainless Steel Saute Pan 24cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

A stainless steel saute pan that will help you cook without any strain. The flat bottom saute pan is made from 100% nickel-free stainless steel and has superior pitting resistance. The pan comes with a comfortable handle with silicone grip that makes handling and maneuvering the pan very easy. You can have a wide range of delicacies in this versatile dish while keeping a tab of the cooking process through its shatter-resistant tempered glass lid.

Select Saute Pan 24 cm


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Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Saute Pan With Helper Handle, 4.5 Liters

The best in terms of design and look to ensure that your cooking experience is nothing but extraordinary. The premium stainless steel design is perfect to cook all kinds of food that will last for a really long time. Come sauce, curries, pasta or pulao, this is one cookware that is ready to help you prepare anything and everything. The pan has cushy handles for easy handling and a drip-free rim for smooth pouring.

Accent Saute Pan 4.5 liters


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Circulon Origins 24cm Saute Pan Non-Stick Hard Anodized

Where strength combines with comfort and safety to offer you years and years of hassle-free cooking experience! The saute pan features hard anodised construction with the world's trusted non-stick coating system. If you are looking for a cookware that will help you enjoy minimal oil cooking then this saute pan is just right for you!

Circulon Origins Saute Pan


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