Why Cast Iron Skillets Are The Best?

Why cast-iron skillets are the best

Almost every seasoned home chef who loves to cook understands the importance of having at least one high-quality cast-iron skillet in their arsenal of kitchen utensils. If you are a newbie to cast iron and are still scratching your head as to why are cast iron skillets good then do not worry, we will give you a whole lot of reasons to make you understand why we love cast iron as much as we do. 

They are virtually indestructible 

Cast iron is one cookware range that actually lasts forever and is passed on from one generation to another. You can scrap it, scratch it or drop it, it will never give up and will cook with you happily forever- given that you give it love by seasoning it regularly and taking care of it.

They are versatile

If you have a cast-iron skillet, then you can use it to sautéing, pan-fry, searing. Now, comes one other question- Are cast iron skillets oven-safe? The answer is absolute yes. You can easily bake anything you want in your cast iron cookware.

The cookware stays hot for a long time

Cast iron is unmatched in its heating capacity and properties. Something that is important if you are searing meat to create a nice char.

Cleaning is a breeze

You do not need to wash your cast iron skillet with soap after every use, apart from the time when you are getting ready to re-season it. You just need to rinse your pot or pan with really hot water and scrub with a stiff brush and you are done. This brings us to another important query regarding- Are cast iron skillets dishwasher safe? Well, the answer is no. The dishwasher is known to wash away the seasoning of your cast iron skillet which in turn will cause your cookware to rust.

There you go, we have given you a whole list of reasons as to why you need to include cast iron to the bevvy of cookware in your kitchen. Only when query remains- Can cast iron skillet to be used on glass top stoves? You can use it but it is not advisable. Cast iron is heavy and when you fill it with water or soup you put in a lot of weight on the glass cooktop. The glass cooktop can handle the weight but in case you drop the cast iron cookware while lifting, you can easily crack it.

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