Why is cast iron cookware better than regular cookware?

Why is cast iron cookware better than regular cookware?

There's a solid reason why the cast iron cookware is making a resurgence in popularity. These multifunctional pieces of cookware are highly recommended by professional chefs and appreciated by home cooks for their capacity to enhance flavours. You can make these hardy pans last indefinitely with proper care. In general, cast iron cookware is useful for any meal.



Major reasons that make cast iron cookware best:


Cast iron skillets and pans are highly regarded by chefs for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons has increased the popularity of cast iron cookware in India:


  1. If properly maintained, cast-iron cookware has an infinite lifespan.
  2. Cast iron cookware can be used on a wide range of stovetops and ovens.
  3. There’s less likelihood of food sticking in a cast iron cookware.
  4. Simple maintenance makes cast iron pan a popular cooking material.
  5. Cast iron grill pans are used to sear meat and veggies to perfection.
  6. Cast iron skillets and cast iron kadais are well suited for low and slow cooking
  7. The heat density of cast iron is incredible.
  8. Iron absorption is increased while using cast iron cookware.




Cast Iron Grill Pan




Cast iron Skillet


Cast iron Kadai




Cast iron cookware improves with age

How many pots and pans have you bought that have improved with age? Unless they're made of cast iron, probably not many. Cast iron pots and pans improve with age and use. Your cookware will develop a layer of seasoning with every use. Seasoning your cookware increases its non-stick properties. Therefore, use your cast-iron skillet frequently to increase its seasoning.



Cast iron cookware lasts for really long

How long, then, do you think cast iron will last? Longer than one can possibly imagine. Cast-iron cookware is traditionally passed down through families. Perhaps your grandma still uses the same cast-iron skillet that her mother did. A well-cared-for cast-iron skillet can easily survive a century.



Cast iron cookware can be used with almost any heat source

Cast iron pots and pans can be used for almost any kind of cooking. It is suitable for both the range and the oven. It's perfect for the barbecue and portable enough to take on camping vacations.

One can also serve the food directly from the skillet, thereby reducing the number of dirty serving utensils.



Cast iron cookware can be naturally non-stick

What makes cast iron so great for cooking? It's almost non-stick!

An inherent property of regular cast iron cookware is nonstick.  A cast iron pan's seasoning is the protective layer that develops as food is cooked in it. When fats oxidise in a pan, a layer forms on the bottom that mimics the properties of a nonstick cookware. The nonstick coating allows the food to readily release from the pan. So, it won't stick as much as some other options, relieving some of your concerns.



Cast iron cookware is easy to clean

Cast iron is low maintenance; both un-enamelized and painted cast iron are simpler to scrub clean than stainless steel. Sure non-stick cookware is the easiest to clean however as mentioned earlier it does have its drawbacks. Which is why many people opt for cast iron.



Cast iron cookware is safer than regular cookware

Is cast-iron cooking equipment less dangerous than other options? Present-day cookware must pass stringent safety tests before hitting store shelves. Cast-iron pots and pans have been in use by humans for thousands of years, outlasting other types of cookware by a wide margin. If you're apprehensive about using metal in the kitchen, you can always opt for enamelled cast iron. It's true that enamelled cast iron offers a number of advantages. Cast iron cookware is a safe bet, despite the controversy surrounding other materials like copper, aluminium, and nonstick.



Fantastic for Searing

A high-quality cast iron skillet is the best tool for searing meat to perfection and achieving the most delectable tikkas, roasts, and chops. Even sautéing veggies is a breeze in a cast iron pan. When you sauté veggies in cast-iron, a lovely toasted coating forms on the outside.



Cast iron cookware promotes uniform cooking

Cast iron, when preheated before use, provides far more even cooking than conventional pans. Because of its limited thermal conductivity, cast iron takes a long time to heat up or cool down. However, cast iron cookware has less hotspots once heated compared to many other modern cookware options.



Provides an iron boost

Getting enough iron in your diet is crucial because it helps carry oxygen to all of your cells. Iron is leached from a cast-iron pan during the cooking process. This is an excellent strategy to increase your daily iron consumption. Check out the following article if you're curious about how much iron is leached into your food when using cast iron.


High-Quality Cast-Iron Frying Pans

You should buy a cast-iron skillet only if you intend to keep it for a very long period. Thus, pick a skillet or pan that you'll be happy with for a long time. Here are some of the best cast iron cookware in India that will help you cook amazing meals without any fuss.


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