Paprika And Olive Pâté


If you are a fan of savoury spreads on your toast, then this recipe is for you. Flavoured with olives and paprika this spread is similar to a compound butter and tastes like a whole amalgamation into one single spread.


What is Paprika and olive pate?

Pate traditionally is a forcemeat that can be served in the form of a paste, a filling or a loaf. The ingredients of  pate are seasoned and cooked together, then blended into a fine paste, which can further be pressed together into a loaf or a spreadable paste. In this recipe we make a vegetarian version of the same by using olives and other aromatics which are seasoned together to form a delicious and spicy olive pate.

How to make Paprika and Olive Pate

  1. Melt butter in a non-stick fry pan, add whole garlic cloves with some chopped onions. Add some chopped green chillies into the pan as well as the black and green olives. 

Paprika and Olive Pate image 1


2. Add some tahini paste to the pan, with sesame oil, jalapenos and fresh cream, mix all this together while sauteing. Season with dried parsley, paprika, fresh ground black pepper and salt.  

Paprika and Olive Pate image 2


3. Blend the whole mixture into a fine paste and store. Eat it by spreading on a piece of toast as it is. 

Paprika and Olive Pate image 3


Expert Tips

  1. The tahini paste is simply made by toasting and then blending sesame seeds.
  2. You can also add a little squeeze of lemon to bring some acidity to the dish.
  3. Fresh cream and butter add richness to the dish, so avoid skipping them.

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