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Pan Fried Instant Noodles

Here's a twisted take on a product that is available in almost all households and has remained unaltered- instant noodles

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 20 Minutes


Refined oil - 2 tbsp

Instant noodles - 2 cakes

Garlic - 4 cloves

Onion - 1

Bell peppers - 1

Tomato - 1

Carrot - 1/2

Light soy sauce - 1 tbsp

Coriander - 1/2 bunch

Honey - 1 tsp

Corn flour - 1 tsp

Sesame seeds - For garnish


1) In a Meyer Select saucepan boil water and add in the noodle cakes

2) Once the noodles are cooked, strain them and keep them aside

3) In a MEYER PRISM frypan, melt butter and add in the chopped garlic, chilli and onion and saute

4) Let them be crisp on one side and then flip it and repeat the same process on the other side

5) Once both sides are crispy, take the noodle cake on a kitchen towel

6) In the same pan, add in the chopped garlic and quartered onion and saute

7) Once the garlic browns a little, add the vegetables cut into small cubes

8) Next, add soy sauce and honey and adjust the seasoning

9) Lastly, chuck in the chopped coriander

10) Dissolve the cornflour in a spoon of water and add to the pan to thicken the sauce

11) Cut the noodle cake into 4 quarters and arrange them on a platter

12) Pour the veggie sauce on top and garnish with sesame seeds

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