Pista Badam Kheer

A classic Pista and Badam Kheer can work for any occasion, from a Diwali dinner to a regular family meal dessert. The recipe is simple and basic, and teaches a simple trick to take your kheer up a notch.


What is Pista Badam Kheer?


Kheer is a famous wet pudding and sweet dish in the Indian subcontinent that is often produced by boiling rice, milk, sugar, or jaggery. Typically, it is flavoured with desiccated coconut, cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashews, pistachios, almonds, or other dry fruits and nuts. Recently, pseudograins have become more widely used as flavourings. Usually, it is offered as a dessert. 


It was a concoction of rice, milk, and sugar that was first mentioned in ancient Indian literature and has persisted for more than two thousand years. It is offered to worshippers in temples called prasad.



Easy and Delicious Pista Badam Kheer

Kheer as a recipe is one of the simplest and effortless things to make, tastes totally amazing and can be eaten hot as well as cold, what more could you want from a recipe. In this one we give you more, we tell you a simple technique which results in a richer kheer than usual, having a deeper flavour and a thick texture, really fast.



How to make Pista and Badam Kheer

1.We’ll start by boiling the milk in a stainless steel casserole. Once the milk comes to a boil, add washed rice into the milk and stir to incorporate.  

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2. Let the milk and rice cook on low heat. While the rice cooks and a layer of malai starts to form on top, carefully pull and stick the malai to the side of the pot using a silicone spatula. Keep on doing this, till the milk is reduced to almost half its original quantity.  

Pista Badam Kheer image 2


3. Let the rice cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally and skimming the malai to the sides. Once the milk is reduced, scrape off the malai and mix it back into the rice and milk mixture.   

Pista Badam Kheer image 3


4. Add caster sugar to the thick kheer and incorporate it till it's completely melted.  

Pista Badam Kheer image 4


5. Stir in some cardamom powder at the end for flavouring the kheer. Also add a small pinch of saffron to the kheer for the colour and flavour.  

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6. Transfer the kheer into a small stainless steel casserole and top it off with chopped almonds and pistachio. Serve it warm like this or cover it and refrigerate it for later. 

Pista Badam Kheer image 6



Expert Tips

  1. Occasionally stir the milk while boiling it so that it doesn't burn from the bottom.
  2. Wash the rice at least three times before adding it to the milk.
  3. You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar as per your liking.

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