The Best That I Have Seen So Far!

I am a Youtuber & I love to explore my cooking skills & influencing people for a good change.

Biryani is my favorite & I love to cook traditional recipes. I love these products as I believe they add more flavor to my recipes & help me perfect them as it cooks my food evenly & becomes more delicious that way.

I would love to motivate you to make the jump & switch to MEYER & CIRCULON products. These are by far the best products I have ever seen.

“I bought the Meyer cookware mainly because of the pureness of the metal and the construction of the product. It holds heat well and cooks very evenly and is somewhat forgiving if you leave the kitchen for a minute or two, I don’t worry too much about burning anything. This cookware is a refined state of the art cooking medium that aids the chef in handling the cooking processes with great control. Hence the cookware treats food very carefully with slow even heat producing the most desirable result. I like the Meyer cookware for aesthetic reasons as well. Many times I have just put the pot on the table and served from it since its so polished and beautiful in appearance. I would suggest only using silicone utensils to preserve its beautiful appearance just the same way you would take care of fine silver although its very tough pure surgical steel. I highly recommend the Circulon line of cookware as an all around 100% best in every category product. There is cookware more highly priced but it doesn’t equal the Circulon line. For quality of build, pureness of the surgical steel and the healthfulness that goes with this I think its the best product available today.”

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