Meyer Vacuum Seal Air Tight Container, 2000 ml

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Why buy the Meyer Vacuum Seal Air Tight Container, 2000ml?
  • Vacuum, not just airtight: We went one step better and removed all the air from your storage containers!! This not only removes the Oxygen, thus stopping the process of oxidation that breaks down food nutrition but also kills off any aerobic bacteria that may cause damage to the food and make it unfit for use.
  • Patented and easy to use: The in-built vacuum pump mechanism is patented, and manually operated easy to use. Just a few pushes to the pump and you are set!!
  • BPA Free and completely safe: Made from 100% food-grade, BPA free material which causes no harm to the food kept in it.
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Hassle free: The Vacuum Containers from Meyer are really an exciting product. The vacuum pumping mechanism is so simple and effective that sensitive foods like Banana, cut apples and even dry green Coriander (dhaniya) remain fresh a lot longer than they used to earlier. They are worth making a part of the cookware accessories.
  • 6 months warranty

    SKU 48102-C
    Country of Origin China
    Utility Can be used to store fresh food, vegetables, fruits and dried food like cookies, candies even medicines
    Material BPA Free Plastic
    Colour Transparent
    Product Measurements Dimensions (L X B X H): 16.55 cm X 10.6 cm X 18 cm
    In-Box Contents 1 Vacuum Container


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