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5 must-Gift Items to your friends and family during wedding season

5 must-Gift Items to your friends and family during wedding season

Wellness in any and every format is a must when you are gifting something to your loved ones. The attitudinal shift towards wellness and the kitchen environment has changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic so gifting anyone something which is best suited for their new kitchen is worth investing money. The digitized way of working from home, conducting purchases on online platforms, and additional spending leeway realized from not having any outdoor leisure and travel expenditure have been some of the factors influencing consumer spending on cookware with deeper understanding. 

Why we suggest you gift Cookware for your friends and family – 

To our good surprise, millennials have significantly increased the popularity of cook-at-home meals, which has increased the demand for cookware products. More color, versatile pieces for smaller spaces, and pieces that meet the individual needs of consumers are some of the trends shaping the residential cookware market. The consumers of today prefer cookware websites as the place that provide the buyer with all the benefits of every cookware item. In addition, in wedding people give shagun rather choose something which is elegant, classy and will be forever cherished and remembered. Gifts should always leave an impact and durable cookware will always be great investment. 

Let’s check out some of the best cookware options to buy from cooking websites with added advantages and sustainability for our well-being. 

  1. Stackable space saving sets from Kitchen hacks range

Made from nickel free stainless steel

mirror polished exterior

Industry-first nesting design
Set of 3 ‘everyday use casseroles’

Interlocking stay cool handles
avoid scuffing & scratching

Flat shatter resistant lids
with space-saving design

Why choose this cookware to gift your loved ones?

  1. Gives a message:  cook safely and deliciously

Specially designed high-grade nickel free stainless-steel cookware with impact bonded base for even heat distribution.

  1. Offers a beautiful design: Serve beautifully and conveniently

Unique mirror polish and ergonomic stay cool phenolic handle for hassle free cooking experience. 

  1. Space saving solution: Stacks up neatly 

Pots with flat lids which are space saver to cut down on kitchen cabinet clutter. Flat lids which need lesser space for individual storage.

  1. Luminous Enamel cast Iron Cookware 

Heirloom Worthy
luminous beauty of porcelain enamel coating

Chip & Crack Resistant enamel coating
non-reactive and renders resistance 

Ergonomic handle design for comfortable grip

Shatter-resistant lid
Allows you to monitor cooking easily 

Why you should gift Enamel cast iron cookware 

3 reasons 3 benefits a gift should offer 

- extra protective layer of enamel coating
- a non-porous and smooth protective - space saver
- Compatible with all cooktops

100% healthy Gift to safeguard new beginnings
toxin-free coating eliminates the rudimentary hassle of seasoning as well as rusting.

Durable gift option
heavy-duty cookware that blends the benefits of sturdy cast iron with the luminous beauty of porcelain enamel coating and a smooth and glossy cooking surface for an easy cooking and cleaning experience

  1. Ceramic cookware best option for any new kitchen 

Totally toxin-free product:
‘Silicon + Oxygen’ Ceramic coating

Excellent heat conductance and endurance 

Stick resistant cooking surface

Light weight and easy to care  The combination of the aluminium base and the ceramic coating makes this cookware lightweight 

Shatter-resistant lid
Allows you to monitor cooking easily 

Why Ceramic cookware are go to gift options in 2022?

Best Gift – Best kitchen addition
- Safe alternative to nonstick
- non-porous surface
- less oil healthy cooking
- even and faster heat distribution

100% healthy Gift choice
No PTFE, No PFOA, No Lead, No Cadmium, No Nickel, No Arsenic

Gifts should offer Easy Maintenance
The superior coating promotes minimal oil cooking with the smoothest food release and hence very easy to clean

Durable Gifts are always great investment
heavy gauge construction with riveted handles

  1. Best of Nonstick and stainless-steel cookware set 

Minimalistic Joy

An all-inclusive set that has everything you need to experience hassle-free cooking without making any clutter. 

Best of both worlds

Sear, simmer and steam in the sleek and shiny stainless steel cookware, and enjoy minimal oil cooking and fuss-free cleaning with the 100% safe non-stick cookware.

Stackable Set for sorted space

A set that can help you do all your kitchen work while taking minimal space! Perfect to store and perfect to make the best of your kitchen space. 

You deserve award-winning cookware.

Meet our minimalist manifesto. This curated cookware set lets you cook everything you need — with the fewest possible pieces. 

Why this beautiful stackable nonstick cookware set?

Top answer is we offer two beautiful sets in this , one is classic matte black and another one is spark color collection of cookware 


 2-quart hard anodized nonstick saucepan, 5-quart stainless steel stockpot, 10.25-inch hard anodized nonstick chef pan, 11-inch hard anodized nonstick frying pan, small universal stainless-steel lid (fits saucepan and stockpot), large universal stainless-steel lid (fits chef pan and frying pan), and 3 pan protectors.


Different pots and pans cook differently. Nonstick aluminum, perfect for frying, heats up fast and cleans up in a flash. Sturdy stainless steel is superb for searing, simmering, and steaming. With our custom mix of these two excellent materials, you no longer must choose.


Our Accent Series pots all have the same superpower: catching messy boil overs in the kitchen. The pot's special curvature and rim design help keep the bubbles at bay much more effectively than regular straight-sided pots. A truly fuss-free design.


Unlike so many other cookware sets, our pots and pans are designed to stack beautifully together for stress-free storage, and the set includes three pan protectors to keep your surfaces free from dents, dings, and scratches. You're welcome.

The everyday set of microwave safe dishware


frosted borosilicate glass

borosilicate glass, platinum-grade silicone, microwave-safe stainless steel tool tip
Package contains

1 Large Deep Dish, 1 Medium Deep Dish, 1 Large Shallow Dish and 1 Medium Shallow Dish

An occasion for every dish

Weekday dinners or weekend dinner parties, for one or for a crowd

Why microwave safe dishware is perfect gift this weddings season?

For people who use microwave every day?  so, the Everyday Set is right gift for them. This set comes with every dish size you’ll need to cook veggies, grains, proteins, one-pot meals, soups, breakfasts, or dessert. If you choose this set, you’re in good company: Over 50% of first-time Anyday customers purchase the Everyday Set.

  1. Secure glass lid
    The newlyweds will never find themselves cleaning up sauce explosions in your microwave again.

  2. Cook with steam
    The special silicone design keeps steam and moisture in during cooking (essential for the microwave) and releases excess air through the knob vent. The result? Perfectly juicy proteins and tender-crisp vegetables.

  3. Airtight seal
    Putting the lid over warm food with the knob pushed down creates a safe, low-level vacuum as the dish cools, which keeps your food fresher for longer.

  4. Stackable
    The flat, space-saving design also makes the Anyday perfect for stacking in the fridge — if you can resist eating everything in one sitting!



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