5 best value bakeware for Christmas Baking

Here’s unveiling the secret of baked goods that are gorgeous to behold and great to savour! This Christmas, have a delicious celebration in the safety of your homes by baking baked items that you will truly love. We have accumulated our five best bakeware products that will help you bake delectable cakes, cookies and muffins that you will be proud to serve to your loved ones. These high-quality non-stick bakeware will help you start the celebration right!


These bakeware features-

  1. Heavy-gauge cold roll steel for strength and durability as well as exceptional heat conduction.
  2. The “honeycomb texture” of the bakeware will increase the air flow at the bottom and provide even heat distribution for perfect browning.
  3. The high-quality 100% safe non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the surface and promotes easy food release.
  4. Oven safe up to 240 degree Celsius and dishwasher safe, making it your favourite kitchen accessory and cooking tool.

 12 cup mini muffin pan

 More the merrier, this Christmas bake delicious batch of muffins for your friends and family. This mini muffin pan offers superior quality for a superlative result! Let your creativity flow freely and conjure majestic muffins and gooey cupcakes. This superbly simple to use and effortlessly easy to clean mini muffin pan will help you bake the perfectly shaped mini sweet treats for your family, this Christmas.

 Meyer Bakemaster 20cm Loose Base Cake Tin

 There’s nothing like a beautifully baked cake; the perfect icing to any celebration and the perfect embellishment for any table. This Christmas, bake picture-perfect cake for your family with the help of our premium cake tin. The depth of this tin will give the perfect rise to your cake and the high-quality non-stick feature will ensure that there is no sticking, whatsoever.

 4 Cup 2Tier Square Cake Pan

The gap between ordinary and extraordinary baking is really small. It can be covered by the use of 2tier square cake pan that will make your individual cake more appealing and a certain hit among your friends and family.

As you celebrate a Christmas locked in the sanctuary of your home, ensure that you don’t miss the delight that store-bought baked goodies used to render. Bake incredibly gorgeous cake for your loved ones in this ingenious cake pan.

 4 Cup 2Tier Round Cake Pan

 Right heat distribution, consistent air flow and the standard coating often determine the quality of baked good. And with this cake pan, there’s no scope of going wrong! The incredible shape of this cake pan ensures that your cakes come out looking gram and various clicks worthy.

 12 Cup Mini Doghnut pan

 What determines the quality of a perfectly shaped and baked doughnut? Recipe, yest! But it also depends, to a large extent, on the quality of your doughnut pan. The beautifully designed non-stick cavities ensure that the fresh confections pop out without sticking or breaking apart. For whipping up more donuts in one batch, you can check out the 12 Cup Mini Doughnut Pan.

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