Best Desserts to Make at Home for Christmas

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some sweet desserts. We have accumulated a list of decadent Christmas desserts that will add a sweet note to your celebrations. Easy, breezy and blissful, these are the treats that will make this festive period wonderful. You can easily team them up with morning or afternoon tea or even as a part of your gala Christmas luncheon or dinner.The most delicious festive treats are here:


Rose And Fruit Cake

Cake without chocolate, is it possible? Yes!

A recipe especially for someone who doesn’t like chocolate. Made with rose syrup and fresh fruits, this is an ultra-easy cake that you can prepare and bake within 35 minutes.

Get the recipe here- Click here 



Banana Peanut Butter Bread

Stressed is dessert spelt backward. So, throw yourself into rustling up this delectable banana bread and throw your stress out of the window.  This classic treat is enhanced with the use of peanut butter and toasted mixed nuts for that added crunchy bite.

Get the recipe here- Click here 



Eggless Coffee Cake

Once in a while there’s a cake that absolutely impresses all palates! Egg-less, coffee enriched, this delicious treat is a certain winner! A decadent dessert that you can prepare, share and savour with utter joy.

Get the recipe here- Click here 



Dark Chocolate Brownie

Soft and chewy chocolate brownie that will add the perfect dose of warmth and wonder to this season. Easy to prepare and store, this incredible dessert is certainly impossible to resist.

Get the recipe here- Click here 



Strawberry And Chocolate Cheesecake

Make this Christmas cherishable with this sweet and succulent cake that is easy to bake and perfect to celebrate the special day. This cake uses three magical ingredients- strawberrychocolate and cheese- that makes this treat simply terrific!

Get the recipe here- Click here





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