Alkanet Root - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Alkanet Root - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Alkanet root, also known as ratanjot, is a spice that is used in Indian cuisine to provide flavour (especially to tandoori chicken!) and as a natural food colour. While Ratanjot oil is frequently used as hair oil, Ratanjot roots have medicinal characteristics and are used to treat wounds, fever, and illnesses.


Ratanjot, also called Physic Nut in English and officially known as "Alkanna Tincoria," is an Ayurvedic plant that can be found in the hills of North India and the Mediterranean.


Plant description:


Alkanet can reach heights of 0.3 to 0.6 metres. This plant can be found in alfalfa fields, pine forests, grazing pastures, ideal rangelands, and waste or deserted lands. It may even grow in nutrient-poor soil and thrives in fertile, humus-rich, wet, well-drained soil.


This plant's root is dark red, with a black exterior and an interior core that is blue-red and white. Its root has a superb red pigment that has been utilised in the Mediterranean region as a dye for centuries. Additionally, it can be used to tint vegetable oils, varnishes, tinctures made from alcohol, and wines. Its stems are branching and come with the prostate. It has long, white hairs covering it.


Culinary use of Alkanet root:


  1. Alkana root has certain cooling effects in addition to its health and medical uses.
  2. The root is used to tint wines, vegetable oils, and alcohol tinctures.
  3. Some variants of the curry dish Rohan Josh are customarily served with Ratan Jot in Indian cuisine.
  4. You can eat it as a vegetable.
  5. The red dye used as a culinary colour was obtained from the roots.
  6. This herb's leaves are utilised in a dry condition, giving off a deep, musk-like perfume.


Health benefits of Alkanet root:


  1. Alkanet root for the Skin

You can use Alkanet root for skin cleaning and healing because it has anti-inflammatory effects. Alkanet root heals burn scars in addition to preventing skin infections and inflammation. Due to its naturally occurring anti-inflammatory characteristics and cooling ability to take heat out of the skin, it is frequently used in various face masks and other skin products for healing burn scars. One of the main advantages of Ratanjot for skin is this.


  1. Alkanet root promotes cardiovascular health

Alkanet root promotes immune and cardiovascular health. The several substances in Ratanjot purge the bloodstreams of numerous poisons and toxic substances. This enhances the health and performance of the heart and even increases blood flow.


  1. Alkanet root for Sleep Disorders

Experts in traditional medicine claim that the essential oil of Ratanjot, which is derived from the roots of alkanet, is effective in treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Ratanjot oil is recommended by experts for use on the head and in the vicinity of the nose because it promotes self-calming and relaxation, which enhances the quality of your sleep.


  1. Alkanet root treats headaches and fever

Alkanet root is helpful in lowering headaches and a feeling of fever. Ratanjot contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that have a cooling and relaxing impact on the body, assisting in the healing processes. It encourages sweating, which might lower your body temperature when you have a fever.


  1. Alkanet root promotes hair healt

Alkanet root has a number of advantages for hair. Alkanet or Ratanjot can be used as a natural hair colouring. Your hair is strengthened and restored from the roots up with this. Ratanjot powder can be used to cover grey hair because it gives hair a natural hue. Ratanjot oil, which is taken from the roots, can treat a variety of hair issues, including excessive hair loss, greying hair, and preventing baldness signs.


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