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Best cookware to prepare Navratri fare

Best cookware to prepare Navratri fare

Cast aside your woes and worries aside and invest in cookware that has been serving generations with its incredible performance! It’s time to bring back the magic of Cast Iron cookware back and experience the wonders of good health, this Navratri. As you gear up to welcome Goddess Durga in home, bring home a set of cookware that symbolize valor, strength and virtuousness.

Meyer gives this traditional cast iron an all new seasoned, ready-to-use avatar to make modern cooking a memory to cherish forever. From frying to baking, stirring to sautéing, from grilling to braising, Meyer offers a range of cast iron cookware that makes every cooking task simple, quick and enjoyable.

Cast iron is a very dense metal and heats evenly, ensuring that your vegetables brown better and cook faster without having to constantly rotate your pan or stir your food. The technology behind the material (cast iron) is actually simple. Unlike other cookware, be that stainless steel or ceramic, cast iron has an indefinite lifespan, if you use it properly. The simple and special rituals that are suggested for cast iron enhance its shelf life. Thus, all you have to do is keep it seasoned, store it when not in use, and season it again, whenever you use; and the cookware will carry your cooking legacy forever. Apart from its longevity, the other feature that makes it a favourite kitchen item is its ability to withstand super-high temperatures, even including heat sources like an oven or an open flame.


cast iron tawa


The best thing about a cast iron cookware is that it is one of those rare cookware that actually gets better when you use it more. In fact, regular use and cleaning of a cast iron cookware improves its “seasoning” (a thin layer of polymerized fat that seals the iron) making it naturally nonstick.


Here are some of our highly versatile cast iron cookware that will help you cook all you Navratri vrat recipes easily: 

These cast iron cookware will ensure that you can cook your food quickly without using a lot of oil while also ensuring that no chemical coating mingles with your food and your food is pure and perfect for you to consume during this festive season.



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