Best Navratri gifts for your loved ones

Best Navratri gifts for your loved ones
Fabulous gifts for festive seasons for your friends and family.


Festivals in India mark the occasion when people from various practices with different traditions come together to celebrate the joy of living, forgetting the woes, blues and other hues of sadness. Festivals give people an opportunity to herald abundance in their lives through traditional pujas and rituals. And one of the most common customs that has been followed since time immemorial is gifting; from uncles to nephews to distant cousins, everyone gifts everyone. And, food being an integral part of our culture, makes cookware the best gifting options.



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  1. Cookware is perfect to gift your loved ones
  2. Best pots and pans to gift your loved ones
  3. Conclusion



1. Cookware is perfect to gift your loved ones :


Cookware is useful: People generally don’t buy new cookware unless their existing cookware is in a really bad state. Thus, gifting cookware can help your loved ones replenish their kitchen utensils.

Cookware can work as a showpiece : A shining new kettle or a classy casserole can work as the perfect showpiece for your kitchen. They will add shine and elegance to your kitchen.

New cookware heralds : According to Hindu traditions, a new cookware is often associated with luck and prosperity and are generally purchased during festivals such as Diwali

Cookware will prove to be thoughtful gifts for newly married couples who are setting into a new home and building their kitchen from scratch.



2. Best pots and pans to gift your loved ones:


So, if you want to give high-quality cookware to your loved ones that are versatile, then we have the perfect pots and pans for you. Go through our guide to gifting cookware to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

1. Stainless Steel Kadai:


Many religious festivals like Navratri mark the beginning of a common practice called fasting which lasts for nine days. On such occasions Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana fritters, Kuttu ke pakode and Sabudana tikki form the common menu across homes in India. A premium stainless steel kadai is a blessing for these vigorous occasions when we don’t cook regularly. Prepare your Sabudana khichdi oil-free without worrying about post-usage clean-up.. The savior of these instances, a stainless kadai is the perfect gift to aid your friends to focus on their spiritual journey during Navratri or other festivals without worrying about kitchen blues. Here are some nickel free stainless steel kadai that you can consider while selecting your gifts for your kitchen or for your friends:

Meyer Select Stainless Steel Kadai 30cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

stainless steel 30 cm kadai


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Centennial Nickel Free Stainless Steel Kadai, 26cm

centennial kadai


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Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Kadai/Wok with Lid, 30cm

trivantage kadai


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2. Cast Iron Kadai :


A traditional kadai or an Indian Kadhai is the most important cookware in an Indian Kitchen. For anyone who wishes to commence their exciting adventure in Indian cuisine, a cast iron kadai is the perfect gift. The paragon of all festive occasions, a Wok or a Kadhai is a must to help you in preparing all those festive delicacies which mark these auspicious occasions. That’s why to aid someone to minimize the complications of Indian cooking, give them a cast iron kadai and give them happiness for a lifetime. Here is our exhaustive list of kadais that will fit all pocket sizes as well as requirements:

Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron 30cm Kadai/Wok with Glass Lid

Cast iron 30cm kadai


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Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai 26cm with Glass Lid

cast iron 26cm kadai


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3. A Saucepan :


Whether it's adding zest to your dal tadka or serving food at the table to make up for the authentic Indian look and feel, a saucepan is a great souvenir for all celebrations. Find the saucepan that will help you churn out infinite number of delicious delicacies for infinite number of days here








    You can buy cookware online from their official website or visit their physical store to check and get these cookware.Pots and Pans offer free and hassle-free home delivery so that the tradition of exchanging souvenirs is not marred by any external circumstance. So, go ahead and make the upcoming Navratri or Durga Puja and Diwali special by giving your loved ones the promise of good health and the magic of great cooking with 100% trustworthy cookware Meyer.



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