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Because quality cookware is at the heart of any serious cook’s kitchen. You need a variety of pots, pans, and casseroles, maybe even a few special items to breathe life into the kitchen. To help consumers sort out the best cookware for their money, our team of experts set out on a journey to gather the best set for you. These product recommendations in each category are based on personal preferences, experience, customer and reader reviews. Here’s how to build the perfect culinary collection:

Large to medium size Saucepan and Sauté Pan: The workhouse of your kitchen is a saucepan. Ideal for every occasion, cook your sauces, curries, gravies and glazes with one cookware. From boiling or steaming vegetables, making gravies, curries, daal tadkas, or cooking rice and pasta to making sauces, or chicken stock, or a large pot of soup; a saucepan is a basic necessity. A 16cm to 20 cm is a good choice for serving 2-3 people at a time. A sauté pan on the hand is must for every spice loving Indian looking for a all-rounder pan. From dry roasting your Garam Masalas, to preparing sooji dishes, dosas, chillas, fit for sauteing veggies, browning of meats, pan sauces, dry roasting spices and nuts. An ideal size for a family of 2-4 people would be 24cm. We recommend:
1. Meyer Stainless Steel Saucepan
2. Meyer Hard Anodized Saucepan
3. Meyer Stainless Steel Sauté Pan
4. Meyer Hard Anodized Sauté Pan

Non-Stick Kadhai/ Wok: An essential utensil in the Indian kitchen, it is fit for making family sized and has endless utilities Kadhai is the cost-effective intelligent cookware that will help you to cook healthy. Roasting, pickling, sautéing and deep-frying; everything can be done in this vessel. Cook with less or no oil and still confess your passion for spicy stir-fry recipes, Kadhai Paneer, Kadhai Chicken, rajma, Poriyal and what not. A 26cm to 28 cm Kadhai/ Wok can easily 3-5 people each serve. We recommend:
1. Meyer Circulon Origins Wok
2. Meyer Circulon Momentum Wok
3. Meyer Merlot Wok

Non-Stick Grill Pan: A stove grill pan is for your rainy and stormy days when you want to treasure fond memories of outdoor grilling now at home. Grilling is a dry cooking method. Unlike in fry pans, the grill ridges that give foods grill marks also lifts it out of accumulating grease and drippings. Designed for your well-being, good health is at your doorstep with non-stick grill pans. From meat, vegetables, cuts of meat, kebabs, skewers seafood to grilled cheese sandwiches and what not. Anything can be grilled. A 24cm to 28cm is a great choice for a family of 3-5 people.
Check our Non-Stick Grill Pan Collection here!

Because change is good, you should try a new cookware! In case you are already using any of the above listed products, and want to share your experience with us, write to us and get a chance to have your story published here!


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