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3 top tawas that are not round

3 top tawas that are not round


Replace your round tawa with these extraordinary square tawas to add versatility in cooking


It’s a cooking tool that is paramount in every Indian kitchen. It is the cookware that is extensively used to cook staple Indian meals- roti! Yes, a cook may ignore other cookware, but tawa is essential and extremely important in Indian kitchens. So, what comes to your mind when you think about tawa? When we asked some fellow cooks to say one word about tawa, everyone unanimously said “round.” Round, really? Can tawa only be round? We beg to differ and want to present you tawas that are exceptionally good but not round!



Table of Contents:


  1. What is tawa?
  2. Can tawa only be round in shape?
  3. What are the benefits of round tawa? 


What is tawa?


Tawa is also known as tawah, thavah or tava- all referring to the round pan with curved profile and concave side that is generally used to cook flatbreads or pancakes. Though extensively used in the Indian subcontinent, tava also is used across the world in various ways. Linguistically speaking, in Iran the word tāve is derived from the Persian word taaba that denotes something that is curved or tempered. Similarly, the curved cast-iron tool used for cooking bread in Afghanistan is known as tawah. The word tava has also been used in Turkish and refers to any kind of frying pan.


So we can conclude that in all of these places, a tava is primarily used to bake and cook a wide range of leavened and unleavened flatbreads and pancakes such as naan, pita, saj bread, pita, pita, chapati, paratha, dosa, crepes and pesarattu.



Can tawa only be round in shape?


No. Meyer proudly has launched roti tawas and dosa tawas that are anything but round. These tawas are great to prepare your daily staple and break the old-set and never experienced norms. In fact, square tawas offer the bigger advantage of wider space (more breads to fit, larger dosas to prepare) then a regular round tawa.



What are the benefits of round tawa?


You get proportionally larger space to cook more. If you can toast 2 bread loaves on a round pan, you can toast 4 on a square pan. The larger cooking space helps you cook more in less time and reduces your time, effort as well as fuel consumption.



So, here are top square tawas in India that you can completely trust for their built, design, strength, safety and durability.



1. Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Square Tawa, 28 Cm

If you want to make your own rules, start with the kitchen. Switch your traditional roti tawa with this unconventional and unbeatable square tawa. With a diameter of 28 cm, this square tawa provides you with a capacious surface to cook more. So, instead of a single or two sandwiches, you can cook 4 at the same time. Its patented non-stick system, its raised and utterly comfortable handle and its flawless cooking performance make this a great kitchen investment and undoubtedly the best square-shaped roti tawa in India.



2. Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Open Square Tawa, 27cm



This is the best stainless steel tawa with a distinctive square shape and diverse user-friendly features. A totally toxin-free tawa, this comes with the added advantage of sturdy triply construction which ensures that you get an unmatchable heating for fluffy rotis. The tawa has permanently riveted silicone covered stainless steel handles for added comfort. This tawa also comes with lipping around the edge. The stainless steel dosa tawa has a high magnetic conductive stainless steel base that makes it compatible with all types of cooktops.




3. Meyer Premium Non-Stick Square Tawa 28cm (3mm Thick)



Bright and beautiful to help you cook yummy meals and stay full! This is a wonderful alternative to regular round tawa. High-quality non-stick coating and thick aluminium core for even heating, this non-stick tawa is perfect to cook your daily staple without any hassle. The tawa features scratch- resistant porcelain enameled exterior for easy and effortless cleaning. This will certainly prove to be the showstopper of your kitchen with its fiery and fabulous orange shade and remarkable shape.






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