Which is better? A Cast Iron Tawa? Or A Non-stick Tawa?

Flatbread- Roti, phulka, parathas and dosas- are staple food items that are cooked in all houses in India. No Indian meal is complete without the quintessential flatbread, especially roti. Therefore, every home chef or cook has to master the art of making perfectly cooked, fluffy rotis and parathas. And to master this art, you will need (lots of practice) and a good (perhaps great) tawa. There are several roti tawas- from cast iron to non-stick tawas- in the market, so, how to decide which is the best roti tawa in India. Read on to know which roti tawa is perfect for you!


Cast iron tawa has been used since time immemorial. Whether you want uniformly cooked dosa with a crispy exterior or soft rotis, the best cast iron tawa can help you prepare fabulous flatbreads flawlessly. The cast iron tawa benefits are aplenty. They are durable, inexpensive, naturally non-stick if properly seasoned, and distribute heat evenly and retain heat well. Their ability to stay really hot make them ideal for cooking roti, parathas and more. In short, a cast iron tawa pan, if used properly, will help you immensely in your daily cooking for a lifetime.


Meyer offers the best cast iron tawa for roti in various shapes and sizes. Whether you want flat dosa tawa, square tawa, two side handle flat tawa, curved tawa or 2-in-1 grill tawa, you can get a wide range of pre seasoned cast iron tawa for a seamless staple preparation. You can easily churn out restaurant-like dosa on cast iron tawa as well as continental treats like pancakes and more.


Though cast iron tawas have many benefits, some users are deterred by the prospect of seasoning the cookware (and cast iron needs to be seasoned regularly to give it a non-stick-like cooking surface). If you too want to experience the excellence of a cast iron cookware without the hassle of seasoning, you can select a non-stick cast iron tawa.


non-stick tawa by Meyer is great for parathas, chillas, pancakes, dosas and other flatbreads owing to its exceptional food release. The tawas have thick aluminium core for quick and even distribution of heat, therefore food will cook properly and will not stick on the surface. Meyer offers non-stick tawas in radiant black as well as orange hues in different shapes and sizes. From flat to square to curved, the assorted range of non-stick tawas are designed to address your daily cooking needs impeccably. Explore the collection here-Click here


Final Verdict: Cast iron as well as non-stick tawas both have their own set of advantages and you can select any as long as they are vouched to be 100% safe and come with certain warranty, which will validate their durability.


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